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08-01-08, 11:23 am
Something went wrong with our A/C that made water drip everywhere, and a whole bedroom, my bathroom, and part of the hall had to have carpet removed. The cleaner people are here now, ripped up the carpet already, and they told us yesterday that they would have to have fans and dehumidifiers on for a week, and then they would spray something that people and animals couldn't be around for thirty minutes.

Well, MIXUP! They apparently started spraying it a couple minutes ago, when my brother and his friend came down saying they told them they had to go downstairs. We went up and asked about the cats and guinea pigs being up there, and they asked where they were. All guinea pigs and one cat were in my room, and the door was already shut. He said it'd be fine since they were in a different airspace. We put a towel down at the bottom of my door to try and help more. I wanted to move them into my mom's bathroom (to sets of doors between where they were working), but since they'd already sprayed some, Mom said that would be worse.

I told Mom if they die we're suing them. They didn't even warn us! I'm really angry right now.

Are they going to be okay? I'm downstairs right now, and can smell it. Granted, there are no doors blocking where they are and me down here, but still.

I'm so worried, I feel sick.

08-01-08, 11:35 am
Okay, well, the cleaning people are leaving now, and they have seven or eight fans going upstairs, and two dehumidifiers down here. They told US HUMANS to wait ten more minutes.

I really am about to cry. I should've moved them in the basement yesterday! I'm so angry with myself. Can someone please tell me if they're going to get sick or die?

08-01-08, 01:05 pm
What did they spray? What's done is done and there's really nothing that we can do for you here. If you go up and notice them acting weird take them to the vet ASAP, if they otherwise look fine then don't sweat it. There's really nothing you can do at the point, except sit and wait to see if they're OK.

08-01-08, 01:45 pm
If anyone's concerned, we moved them all to the basement.

08-01-08, 01:46 pm
I hope everything is ok. Did they leave you the name of the chemical? You might need it if you have to take the piggies to the vet. I'd call them and ask what it is.

Good luck...I'll send good thoughts to you and your piggies.

Let us know how they are doing.

08-01-08, 01:51 pm
I don't know the name, some pesticide to kill the bacteria growing from possible mold. Dogs were directed to be outside, cats in a closed room, and guinea pigs downstairs. If our 45-75lb dogs were supposed to be outside, the thought of my 2-3lb guinea pigs being RIGHT NEXT to the stuff with only a door in the way, with their sense of smell, made me physically sick. Mom, too.

We moved all of them in laundry baskets with towels over the pigs, quickly into the basement, where they are in large areas for the time being.

08-01-08, 02:26 pm
Hope the piggies are okay PW :)

ms pixie riot
08-01-08, 03:17 pm
Thinking about you and your pigs! Hugs for you and pets for them.

08-02-08, 04:48 pm
Hope your pigs are ok Prayerwarrior. I'd think a closed door with towels at the bottom would be sufficient to keep out fumes so try not to worry too much. Please let us know how they're doing.

08-02-08, 07:48 pm
Thank you very much, everyone. It just worried me so much, because if WE were supposed to be away from the smell, what about a tiny little guinea pig?

Mom told me to gather everyone (brothers and a friend they had over) and run in, pack them up in laundry baskets, run them out and down in the basement. I should have done that the day before, but the cleaning people weren't that clear, and it was a huge misunderstanding. I will never procrastinate when it comes to my pigs again!

They are all now in the basement set up in the best I could do with floortime grids, two tables, and seven leftover grids. They are in ~2.5-4x5.5 with said partners. So they're all doing fine.

Just to clear something up, when I posted this thread, I was not looking for vet answers, I was merely asking for advice and suggestions on what you all would do in my situation.

08-02-08, 08:28 pm
PW, it sounds like you did the right thing. I would have moved them too. It sounds like you minimized their exposure. I assume they are all doing ok. I would give them extra treats and extra hugs and kisses.

It really sounds like this is something totally out of your control so you shouldn't blame yourself. Its a learning experience. Something that you keep in the back of your mind so you don't end up in a similar situation in the future.

I'm glad the piggies and people are all doing fine.

08-04-08, 11:26 am
I hope everthing is okay too. I remember when we got cleaning people to clean the house up and they came when I was at school and they [without my consent] cleaned my room with whatever cleaning supplies they use. Anyways, they were finishing up when I came home from school. I Was in my mom and dads room watching TV with my brother, and I joked to my brother, " Im going to go check and see if Stitches is still alive" because I didn't hear his afterschool wheeks. So I walked into my room, it smelled strongly of cleaning supplies, and oddly, Stitches wasn't wheeking and running to the side of the cage to see me. I looked under his pigloo, and he was laying there. I was shaky, but I thought "oh hes probably sleeping!" and I picked him up. He didn't move. His heart wasn't beating. I was speechless. My brother called out to me, "So, is he dead?" with a laugh. I screamed, "YES!" And burst into tears. I yelled at the cleaning people to never come back, and how dare they do this and they were just like, "Dont cry dont cry" I was so upset, and I have never used any cleaning people again. :(

08-04-08, 07:31 pm
Oh my goodness, Clover! That is absolutely horrible! I am so sorry.

The people that are coming, they are cleaning people, but I guess it's more house clean up. Extreme Makeover is doing a house about thirty minutes from mine, and the people that came here to do our carpet, went and cleaned up the mess of having the house torn down. So, they're cleaning up the sopping wet carpet, and are going to either put down new carpet, or whatever my parents decide.

What they sprayed was a pesticide to kill any possible bacteria that could've been growing from the soaked wood under the carpet. Which no humans are supposed to smell.

Everyone is still doing well, though I'm keeping my eye on Gip.