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07-30-08, 02:48 pm
Hello everyone! My 5 year old pig Ruffles has an eye infection in one of his eyes. The vet gave us some medicine (fucidin) to put in and around his eye twice daily for 10 days. We have been doing this for 6 days now and there isn't much improvement. Has anyone experienced anything like this or have any advice on what to do? Thanks!:)

07-30-08, 03:05 pm
An eye infection? Was it caused by something being stuck in their eye, like a peice of hay? Did your vet take it out?

Something doesn't seem right because it says Fucidin is used for bacterial infections on human skin, and is not supposed to have contact with the eyes what so ever. Unless for some reason it's okay on pigs..is there a way you could post a picture of it?

Are you sure you have a cavy savvy vet?

07-30-08, 03:09 pm
Our vet is pretty cavy savvy. He didn't see anything in his eye to pull out. On the box of medicine it says Fucithalmic* Vet Eye Gel.

07-30-08, 03:11 pm
Sorry about saying it was fucidin. I asked my mom what the medicine was and she said that. So I'll correct myself

07-30-08, 03:14 pm
Ohh okay well that would be different then lol. Hmm, well this is odd i'm interested in what this is, I've never herd of an eye infection without something being in the eye. Hopefully it will start to heal within the next couple of days, or someone with more experience than me can answer this.

07-30-08, 03:21 pm
Our vet did look in his eye and said that there is no damage to it and he couldn't see anything stuck around it. I know that a lot of eye medicine will irritate the eye while it's fixing it. So his eye might be a bit teary from that and when he's off the medicine is when it'll be back to normal. The thing is his eye still has a bit of coloured discharge. Nothing has changed really.

07-30-08, 08:31 pm
My pig just went to the vet today. She had an injured eye, white/cloudy and the vet found a scratch. She gave me ointment to put in her eye and antibiotics.

08-02-08, 05:07 pm
Morningstar, aside from the discharge does the eye itself look normal? Fucithalmic usually works pretty well for eye problems.

08-02-08, 05:40 pm
Yeah his eye looks normal. It's a bit sunken back but I think it's getting better.