View Full Version : Jess and Ladies say, "Hello!"

07-30-08, 01:06 pm
Hello All!

The ladies and I are new to these forums, but we've been admiring the site for a few months now. I wanted to build a C&C cage for the girls, but then I adopted my friend's two-year-old, energetic, 15 pound tomcat and wasn't sure that an open cage was the best idea. Luckily, I browsed the site a bit more and found the concept of the closed cage. Now my pigs are enjoying a 2x5 living space that is MUCH nicer than the awful pet store cage that I felt so horrible keeping them in. That old cage will now be a "travel cage" for when the pigs come home with me on weekend visits to the parent's house where they get spoiled with carrots and toys :) Although, I have a feeling that once the 'rents see the pig's new home they will want one constructed at their house too!

You can see the girls pictured in my avatar. That's an outdated picture, I'm afraid. That's when they were babies. I am at work and do not have access to all of the pictures on my laptop at home. I will be sure to add more current pictures soon.

07-30-08, 01:50 pm
Welcome. I'm glad you decided to build a C&C for your piggies (who are very cute by the way). Look foreward to hearing more about you and your ladies.

07-31-08, 07:30 am
Why thank you! Your piggies are very cute as well. I love the black and white coats.