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07-29-08, 10:00 am
Hi everyone. I'm a first time pig owner and I'm definitely what you would call a paranoid mom.

Last night I went home and picked up little Escobar like I always do for some lap time. He normally hates to be picked up, but gets over it pretty quickly because he loves to be held. Last night, he just never settled down for lap time. He was very restless and seemed to be pretty grumpy.

As I was petting him, I noticed that when I would get near the spot right behind his left ear, he would nudge me with his head or jump. I actually noticed this a few days ago, as well. I tried to do some investigating, I wanted to see if he had developed any spots on his skin around that area. When I tried to get a closer look, he wasn't having any of that and he bit me! He's nibbled me before, but this was a full on warning bite and he drew blood. There must be something wrong with this area.

He's been active while on my lap before, but never this flat out restless. And he's never bitten me that hard. Could it be mites that are making him sore and grumpy?

I read an article about mites on the Guinea Lynx and he doesn't have any spots on him, but I wanted to check with all of you and maybe catch any issues before they become serious.

I have already visited the vet with him because he had the beginnings of an upper respiratory infection. I got him at Petco before I found this site and he had some sneezing. I took him in and sure enough, he had to be on antibiotics for 10 days. The vet at that time said to keep an eye out because mites are commong in Petco pigs and they can develop later.

Thanks in advance for any input!

07-29-08, 11:03 am
Pigs will often times "head butt" you if you touch them on/near their heads. They just don't care for the pressure that much. Mine even do it as a "I need to go back to the cage to potty" sign.

If you got him from Petco than he more than likely does have mites and/or lice. There's no harm in treating him with Ivermection, Advantage or Revolution as a precautionary.

07-29-08, 11:12 am
I've definitely experienced the head butts, but this is something very different. He's never bitten me like that before, and it was very much like the reaction of a dog, if you hit a sore spot on him.

I'll check into the meds and see if my vet can perscribe some. I definitely want to nip this in the bud before it starts!


07-29-08, 11:23 am
Sounds like my Milo. He's just a grouch, if you start scratching his left side he'll reach around and try and get you. It's so funny because his head usually can't reach that far so he's sticking his tongue out the side of his mouth, LOL! I wish I could get a picture of it. He definitely bites out of annoyance/revenge and he's the only one of my pigs who does it. I affectionately call him "the brat" of the group.

Here you can see a nasty bite mark he left me after having a tantrum over getting medicine. He couldn't nip my fingers so he turned his head and latched on to my chest. He had done it the week prior during nail clipping and that bite bruised.

It could just be Excobars "no no" spot, but like I said, if he's new from Petco it probably is mites. My pigs were treated for mites after we found lice on them several months ago. So Milo just has a sensitive spot.

07-29-08, 11:56 am
Oh, my! The little bugger got you pretty good. Maybe you're right and it is just a sensitive spot. I'll have to keep an eye on him.

I'd love to send you a thanks, but I'm not quite sure how to do that on this forum yet! Total newbie. lol.

07-29-08, 11:59 am
I think Newbies can't thank. After you are here a bit longer you should be able to thank people.

07-29-08, 01:36 pm
Bald spots behind the ears are normal but treat him for mites as a precaution. Petco pigs are usually sick.

What AB is he on?

07-29-08, 01:40 pm
I can't remember which AB it was, the bottle is at home and I'm at work. I'll have to report back on that. He finished the cycle and I could definitely tell a difference in his behavior after the first few days. He was much more active.

We just had an earthquake, so I'm really hoping that didn't scare him half to death. Poor little guy.