View Full Version : Where (Online) Can You Buy Mesh Cubes/Grids?

07-28-08, 04:49 pm
I am in need of mesh grids/cubes to make a bigger, better and safer cage for my rat, because he can squeeze his head through the bars, but I can't find them anywhere :(, I looked at linen n things, but they don't sell them anymore. Tried searching Google, but don't know what to call them, so, I came up with nothing. Please help, I'm worried he will escape (and get too big for his pet store cage)!!

07-28-08, 08:21 pm
I got my mesh cubes at Linens 'n Things some time ago. My husband picked them up for me at the store and said that they had alot of color choices. I didn't check if they could be found on line before I posted. Sorry. I hope that you find them. Have you checked out the "rat mansion" in the photo galleries here? Great rat cage out of the mesh cubes.

07-28-08, 11:30 pm
Have you tried wrapping hardware cloth around your grids? I've seen lots of cages made that way.

07-29-08, 01:12 pm
I think I have seen them at Walmart.com: Save money. Live better. (http://www.walmart.com) or maybe it was Welcome to Target (http://www.target.com) but you could look at Overstock.com: Online Shopping Bedding, Furniture, Electronics, Jewelry, Clothing & more (http://www.overstocked.com) or Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more (http://www.amazon.com) they might have some that is cheap.

07-29-08, 01:54 pm
I ordered some mesh grids from Walmart on line. When they came, they were bent to make the odd shaped shelving unit. It didn't look like they were bent in the online picture, so just be careful. There was no way that I could use them for the boys cage.

07-29-08, 02:52 pm
Thanks, I found them at Walmart. :D