View Full Version : one vs two/salt/bathing

03-15-03, 09:40 pm
This may be a repeat post. Sorry if it is.
I have one pig and am considering a second for her company. I am concerned about the mess doubling if I get a second. I have a standard store-bought cage, but am probably going to build a Coroplast and grid cage, based on what I have read here and at CavySpirit and Cavycages. I already scoop the cage about once a day, and change the pine bedding about every third day. Does the work increase with two pigs?
Also, do pigs need a salt ring? Mine has one, and she does chew on it, but it seems like it makes her drink a LOT.
Finally, do pigs need to be bathed? We have had her for several months, and haven't given her a bath. Are they like dogs, needing to be bathed?

03-16-03, 11:18 am
I don't reccomend salt wheels, and yes, guinea pigs do need bath's, just not as often as dogs do- I give mine a bath once every month. Others give their pigs bath's just a few times a year.