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07-25-08, 05:42 pm
Today I am embarking on a new fleece project. I am currently using wood shavings (kiln dried pine)

I am going to make a fleece pad from batting, towels and matress protector. I am basing my idea around my cozies as they seem to wick away moisture and not get smelly or saturated.

1 - Fleece
2 - Batting (summer weight)
3 - Towel (1 to start with)
4 - matress protector

I am going to wrap the edges of the fleece around and sew it altogether to make the pad. Which will hopefully make washing easier. My only challenge will be getting it through the sewing machine!

I am starting in my 1x2 loft as a trial and if all goes well I will do the rest of the cage.

Any feedback and ideas would be much appreciated!

07-25-08, 11:51 pm
I know some people like to sew their fleece and absorbant layers together. It does make cleaning cages quicker, but some people find that the middle absorbant layers don't dry fast enough after being washed. I'm sure your pigs will enjoy the comfort of fleece.

07-25-08, 11:59 pm
I did think of that. Although the time it takes isn't a major issue for me. I am imagining it will take about 2 days to air-dry properly in wet weather. When I wash the cats beds (thicker than this) it takes about 2 days for them to dry, but when it is sunny it only takes about 24 hours. I am also making 2 so I don't have to wait for it to dry to change the cage. If I do choose to go fleece I plan to have 3 sets for the same reason.

I don't have a dryer so it will always be air-dried. The drying time is the other reason I am trialling it in what will eventually be the hay loft or possible a chill-out room and just have cozies etc up there.

07-26-08, 07:00 pm
So far so good. In fact so good I have fleeced the whole cage minus a kitchen area with shavings (although I will switch to carefresh when I run out of shavings) I have no puddles and no 'presents' yet just the odd bit of hay and shavings.:cheerful:

My boys did most of there toileting in the kitty box (with shavings) under their hay rack anyway and I only ever had the odd wet spot when I checked each day so Fingers crossed they will be pretty much toilet trained! They hardly go when out for floor time either and when they do it is in a corner so I will have to watch those areas too.

Will have to see how well they wash and dry. I have made a combination of pads to see which is easiest to fit and clean.

1. No sewing
2. 2 seperate pads domed together - easy to fit.
3. An all in one pad - easiest to fit

07-26-08, 10:34 pm
I like to air dry my pigs' laundry in the summer. I do have a dryer, so use that in the winter, but being outside during summer I find makes them smell so much better than being dried inside. Fleece by itself takes hardly any time to dry, though the wet towels will take longer.

07-27-08, 10:13 pm
So far so good. No smell and very little poops anywhere (apart from the kitchen). Looks like we will be sticking to fleece :)

07-29-08, 12:02 pm
Glad you have success!! That's terrific! I plan on trying something very similar.

Just a helpful tip if others want to try this: sometimes fleece can get stuck in the bottom of the machine (where the bobbin is). If this happens, sew on top of a layer of newspaper or similar weight paper. Once you finish, tear the paper away.

07-29-08, 11:46 pm
That is a good tip. Thanks!

I noticed a bit of a smell today. Just a slight musky odour. It's definately not urine. If it's any worse tomorrow after I clean the kitchen area, I will change it. It's not a major and I could probably get a few more days out of it.

I am really impressed at how little mess there is on the fleece. My piggies get hardly any hay on it and do most of their toileting in the kitchen area. I still clean up twice a day but could do it just once if I wasn't such a clean freak!

08-01-08, 12:24 am
Musky smell seemed to disappear after a while. I changed the fleece today and have washed it.

The all in one fleece has washed best and seems to be drying quite quickly. So I am going with this method and will be sewing together all the other sets over the next week once the next set goes through the wash.

I am very happy about how the fleece has gone. I have had no trouble with pooling or with hay sticking. Although I have noticed that I need to vacuum quite often to keep on top of thier little presents! They do seem to prefur to go in thier litter box though so that is a positive.:)