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07-24-08, 09:07 pm
I read on Guinea Lynx that Advantage is safe to use on guinea pigs. I think one of mine has fleas. She has what looks like flat black bugs in her fur. I have not seen them moving. But she is scratching more than usual and can't seem to get settled. So my question is do I get advantage for puppies and dogs or cats and kittens? I want to try and get some first thing tomorrow, so if anyone could help ASAP that would be great. I just don't want her to be uncomfortable anymore and I don't want the problem to get worse. Thanks.

07-24-08, 09:26 pm
I'm sorry to post again but I need to add something. I checked Tsunami over again and it looks like she has a lot of tiny black flecks on her white fur and a few white flecks on her black fur. Could this be dry skin? I thought maybe the black ones were dead fleas or flea droppings but since I have not seen any movement from them and they don't seem to have any legs, I'm starting to think otherwise. My other two pigs are completely normal and they all live together. Neither of them are itching and they don't have anything in their fur. So if it's dry skin that Tsunami has, could it be from the bath I gave her a week ago? How do I give her some relief? Thanks again.

07-26-08, 12:48 am
It sounds more like dandruff and mite dirt from mites? You can use advantage like that but it only treats lice. If you want to cover all your bases, get topical ivermec or revolution.

07-27-08, 10:30 am
Yeah. I took Tsunami to the vet and she said she did not see any fleas or lice. They ran a flea comb through her hair and a lot of dandruff (black and white) started to show up. She told me to treat her with Revolution in case it is mites. Tsunami is not losing clumps of hair and does not have any spots of irritation on her skin so it could be dry skin, allergies or a problem with her hair folicles (spelling?). If the revolution does not clear up the problem I am supposed to call the vet back and see what the next step is. I may have to bathe her in an oatmeal bath and make some laundry detergent alterations. But we shall see. Thanks for the reply.