View Full Version : Frankie's big day is finally HERE!

07-24-08, 11:12 am

Frankie's C&C cage from Sue's C&Cs is going to be delivered today. Frankie gets out of the little jail! WHOOOOO! I can't wait!!!!!!!!! When it's delivered I'll set it up and get pictures. I want to celebrate Frankie's release from prison. Those stupid too small pet store cages! Made me sick having to keep him in there! :yuck: Celebrate Frankie's release with me today!

07-24-08, 12:35 pm
Yay for Frankie! I'm sure he'll be very happy in his new cage.

Harrys Dad
07-24-08, 07:43 pm
Oh boy Frankie gets out of his little cell and into a huge house.

07-24-08, 10:14 pm
Woohoo! Another Piggy Liberated!

07-25-08, 01:21 am
He's officially liberated! I can't wait to show pics and tell you guys all about his new home!

07-25-08, 03:21 am
That's great! Is he enjoying his freedom?

07-25-08, 03:24 am
Yeah and I'm enjoying his enjoyment of it too. I'm so happy I can't even sleep! Or, it could be the 2 pepsi's I had with dinner. :p

07-25-08, 02:20 pm
Moving day pics!






07-25-08, 03:57 pm
That cage looks like an improvement over his other one for sure. A couple questions though. Why did you put the grids inside the coro? Normally it's the other way around, grids inside can cause difficulty cleaning. Next question- you said you were getting a 2x3, that cage looks like a 2x2.5?

I hope Frankie continues to have fun in his new cage.

07-25-08, 04:05 pm
I made some adjustments cause of my placing plans. It would've been very hard work to make it stay together. The long sides both have 3 grids and the short sides both have 2 :) The overlapping looks a bit strange but another one of my adjustments. :p

07-25-08, 04:11 pm
Oh, and I have a question, are organize-it grids weldable?

07-25-08, 05:06 pm
Usually when you weld something it needs to be bear metal. You could weld it if you stripped the coating off. Or If the coating is plastic you might be able to plastic weld it together. Not sure on that though.

Hope this helps.

Harrys Dad
07-25-08, 07:05 pm
an improvement over his store bought cage. Maybe you can make his store bought cage his second level when he gets used to the new cage.

07-25-08, 07:54 pm
Looks like you needed to use the grids inside so it could stay up on the table thingie and the store cage (which is a great use for a store cage, really... lol). I'm sure if you could get a piece of plywood or something, or a cheap table, you'll be able to put the grids on the outside, yeah?

[Edit: Is that an iMac? I are teh envious. I worked for Apple customer service for a time until my hubby transferred into the same department and I had to quit. I miss it! Now I don't get my extra income to buy myself one.... so I spend all my extra money on my piggies since it would take me two years to get what I want anyway. lol]

07-26-08, 11:00 pm
Hurray for Frankie!

07-27-08, 06:56 pm
WOW you should of warned us of Frankie's cuteness!

I love the blue theme, it looks great! I'm excited for the both of you. :)