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07-23-08, 04:31 pm
So, my pigs have one of the fish made for ferrets, which they love. I know many others have the same one, my question is, how do you wash it? They've had it for a couple years, and really like it a lot, but handwashing it every couple weeks is a pain, and airdrying it takes over a day. So, as a result, they often don't get it in their cage as it waits to be washed for several weeks before I get around to it. I just follow the handwashing directions on the package, is that what everyone else does? Thanks.

07-24-08, 05:55 am
Hand washing is a hassel. Have you tried just soaking it in the washer overnight, spin out, gentle rinse/spin and then when you hang it up, clip it to two clothes lines or hangers to keep the mouth open. It should dry fairly fast if the air can get the the inside. I don't know if it is rigid, but if not, roll it up in a towel roll and squeeze. That will remove even more water and help in drying.

07-24-08, 06:09 pm
Thanks Toadies. I have a front-loader washer, so soaking it in there isn't an option, and I don't know how gentle it would be. I could soak it in the sink I suppose. It's not quite rigid, but it's stiff enough so that the mouth and inside stays open.

What I do now to wash it is wash it in the sink- I use handwashing liquid, lather it onto the fish, soak the fish for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly (which takes a long time, it soaks up a lot of water) and squeezing it out a bit. Then if it's a nice day, I put it on the deck to flat-dry almost, leaving the mouth open. If not, it has to stay inside in the laundry room on a towel or paper towel (which gets changed when soaked). Either way takes a day or so to dry. Quite a bit of work for the one cozy.

I hadn't actually thought of the clothes line (which is how I dry the rest of my piggy laundry on nice days), I'll try that today when I plan to wash the fish.

Another question about it, how do people get the hair/poop out from the inside while washing? I find it still stays a bit dirty towards the back/tail of the fish, even with lots of rinsing near there.

07-25-08, 09:06 am
Can you turn it inside out to wash it? If you can turn it inside out, the you could at least brush it off before washing.

07-25-08, 12:37 pm
Hmm, not quite sure about turning it inside out. I may be able to partially invert it, which would help with all the hair. Thanks again!