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07-22-08, 09:14 pm
I had an idea, and I was wondering what you all think. I am planning on adopting a couple more guinea pigs, but I would have to build another C&C cage first. I was thinking instead of building another cage, what if I turned my spare bedroom into a guinea pig room? I was thinking of putting down cheap linoleum or something like that as the floor, and lining the walls with grids so they can't chew on the walls. I don't know yet if I would use Aspen bedding like I'm doing now, or try to switch to fleece.

Has anyone tried this that would have any suggestions for me? Does anyone see any problem with my plan, or would it work? And any suggestions on convincing my husband that this is a good idea would also be helpful lol .

07-22-08, 10:34 pm
Yes, some people do have free range pigs. There is a gallery in the photo galleries of free range set ups. Here is a page on GL about it. Guinea Lynx :: My Guinea Pigs (http://www.guinealynx.info/my-pigs.html). Loose bedding may be tricky.

07-23-08, 12:04 am
Maybe use a couple litter boxes of aspen or carefresh, but I would just use cheap rugs and blankies... like I do when they take over my kitchen floor. :D

07-23-08, 08:27 am
Wow! I would use fleese because the cost and time it would take to clean out using aspen would be pheonominal!

07-23-08, 02:18 pm
I think it's a great idea. My spare bedroom is occupied my 5 of my 7 cats, so of course I'm going to think it's a great idea. I think they all should have their own rooms, they are our kids after all. Just kidding-sort of. I do wish that I had the option, but I had the cats long before the piggs. I say go for it, and I would use fleece.

Harrys Dad
07-23-08, 08:38 pm
WOW a whole room to run and play in what lucky piggies