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07-22-08, 07:59 pm
Hello everyone.

It's been one heck of a week. My family and I got our 2 first GP's last Saturday. We have been super excited all week. We built them a 3 x 3 elevated cage and are getting ready to add a second level in the back area for them to see us while we're in the living room with them.

Well, we purchased 2 females about 4 months old, Pigpen and Snowball, and have had them for 4 days know. We are getting to know each other well and they are starting to greet me when I come home everyday. Snowball was very active her first couple days and then went into hiding unless we were feeding her. I figured it was just due to getting used to the new environment.

I checked their cage today and noticed a few small fleshy pieces around the cage. One was almost a full sac and the other had looked like it had been unrolled. From looking at my babies fur, it looks as though these came from my Snowball. Go figure, another GP being sold from a petstore that is already pregnant.

I am going to get her to the Vet as soon as I can to give her a once over to make sure that she checks out. I had a couple questions just to check a few things.

Does this sound like a miscarriage / still birth?
Can a GP stillborn deliver part of her litter and still have the rest of the litter later on?
The births looked like they where open, do other GP's sometimes eat the litters of other GP's? (I know it's an odd question, I just want to know if this would tell me something about whats going on)
Is there anything extra I should be doing and just not thinking of?

Thanks for all of your help through this time. I know that everything happens for a reason. I just want to make sure my Snowball is ok.

~~ Tim

07-22-08, 09:06 pm
Sounds like it. Have the vet check and make sure she didn't retain any fetuses.

Are you sure both pigs are females though?

07-22-08, 09:43 pm
That is a question we've been asking ourselves. I think I may just bring them both to the vet to check out and confirm that I got 2 girls.

Thanks for the information and help!!

07-22-08, 09:57 pm
She probably chewed open the sac of one, trying to get it to wake up and breathe. She just didn't realize it was dead.

Definitely get her x-rayed or ultrasounded. She may have other babies and you will need to know if they are alive or dead.

07-22-08, 10:55 pm
There is a sexing guide here Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm)

07-22-08, 10:59 pm
My one pig that I rescued from a Backyard Breeder, was pregnant. What happened was the pups came out and they were lethel. She knew this and the two that were not healthy and going to do well, not to sound gross but she ate them. Of course I got in there when she started on the second one when I figured out what the heck happened. Took her and all the afterbirths to the vet, and he said that there was 3 afterbirths which means that there was 3 babies. Two babies, one eaten, and the other one I stopped her from was a lethel. He said its not my fault. When they are in the wild I guess if there is a problem and the babies dont make it they eat them to cover up the birth because they are preyed upon. Just like how a guinea pig eats the wood chips that are covered in blood if any to hide the scent of birth from predators. The other pig the third one was okay but had severe crooked teeth and deformed eyes. Well the left eye wasnt there. He made it for almost a week and then went to the rainbow bridge peacefully. At least he isnt suffering. But I guess thats normal. Now that she is here, and feels safe and is housed in a big huge cage, she knows that she will never have to go through another birth for ever. It makes me sick someone can sell a pig who's pregnant. Just make sure you say you deffiantly want a ultrasound to make sure they didnt leave any births inside her, and if there is, if they are okay or not. I never heard of a cagemated eating a moms babys. I hope you are okay with this, Im sure it was tramatic. I hope all is well, and Im so sorry for you little girl.

07-23-08, 10:04 am
What does it mean when people say the babies are lethel? Does this mean that they are sickly and going to die? I've sen it a few times, but sometimes it's for adult pigs too? thanks.

07-23-08, 10:10 am
What does it mean when people say the babies are lethel? Does this mean that they are sickly and going to die? I've sen it a few times, but sometimes it's for adult pigs too? thanks.
Guinea Lynx :: Eyes (http://www.guinealynx.info/eyes.html#blindness)

07-23-08, 10:12 am
It happens when you breed two pigs that are roan or dalamtion in color. Scroll down to the bottom of the link I gave and it talks about lethals.

Guinea Lynx :: Eyes (http://www.guinealynx.info/eyes.html)

This is a link from this forum

07-23-08, 11:30 am
Thank you so much for the links and info. I had no idea about this at all.

07-23-08, 05:10 pm
I would go to a vet ASAP to confirm they ar eboth girls. make sure the vet is an exotics or a vet with gp experience.

07-23-08, 05:18 pm
If one of them is NOT a girl, it's very likely your female is pregnant again. They go back into heat soon after birth. If you're unsure you'd better separate them until you're 100%.