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07-22-08, 04:21 pm
Hi everyone, it's me again with another question. I was just getting ready to give the white foster boys their one hour 3rd floor time for the evening. When I went in the pig room, I noticed a terriable squeel and seen just white balls of fur flying everywhere. I took out the foster baby named Twinkie. His ear is ripped in half completely blood everywhere. Also he has HUGE HUGE bite marks in his back, on his neck and his other ear has a few holes in it. I called my cavvy savvy vet, and he said unless its ripped off close to where it meets the head, it has to heal on its own and the same with the bite marks if they are not severely cut open like a gash. Well I seperateD Twinkie and took him downstairs with us and his favorite blanket. They are 6 total white boys for foster care. I have 3 in each cage that is a c and c measures 4 by 8 with a 4 by 2 upper loft/kitchen area. I have no clue as to why this would happen and as to why Rollo would act this way. I noticed that Twinkie keeps to himself and does not bother anyone. They are all so sweet and cuddly and for this to happen scares the poopers out of me. What if when he gets adopted out he does this to a child or something? OR to one of my kids? I know its unlikely but who knows. I just never seen this type of violence before. And When I went pee I checked in the room before I went back in to get them out. Twinkie was in the hidey house just chilling. So I doubt that it was provoked. Does anyone have a suggestion as to why this is happening. What can I do? DO you recommend anything for the wounds? I cleaned the ear of slowley with betadine solution and rinsed with sterile water solution. also put tripple antiobiotic ointment on it to. Im really scared for the other white boy brothers. Is this common? They were born on April 28th 08 so they arent that old. So roughly 3 months or so? Ideas are urgent and apperciated. I did take out the one that was tore apart and have him downstairs with us just running around. He is scared and shaking. He is just sitting here on a blankey. Im worried?

07-22-08, 05:21 pm
Neosporin and sterile saline is good for cleaning wounds. I would put the antibiotic on it twice a day til healed. That's what I did for one of my boars. The ear will always have the whole and rips now, it wont grow back together. Apparently him and either one or both of the other boys did not get along. As it sounds, he probably was not the aggressor and was being picked on by the other two more active and dominant boars. It may be a better idea to separate them in to pairs rather then groups. Many times an odd number leaves one piggy as the third wheel. Not that it's not possible, I have a group of 3 boars that get along fine.

I hope his wounds heal quickly, make sure to clean them regularly to try and prevent abscesses form starting.

07-22-08, 09:40 pm
I wouldn't use Neosporin. If he eats a little of it, it could be harmful for his intestinal flora. Clean with diluted betadine or chlorhexidine, and then leave it open to the air to heal.

07-22-08, 10:50 pm
Yes he is in mysery. I was hoping that the adoption would go through for him, but now that they seen his ear, they were worried about his coat not being snow white when they came the first time. Very uneducated adopters, and I tried to work with them to get them educated, giving them this website ect ect. But the person I foster for insisted they were okay to go. But now the lady dosent want a pig with a deformed ear. Im so upset. The vet gave him a pain med and an antiobiotic. He is really prone to absesses in the past so we safely assumed that because of the smell and swelling that has already started and an abscess smell is pretty memorable and gross, so it's comming. I put a small amount of neosporin on the ear on the inside of where its ripped into shreds. I also cleaned it with diluted betadine. Will it ever grow back together? SOmeone told me it s like that forever now and we're stuck and cant be fixed. What about the little circle holes in the ear? Im so upset that this has happened. I just cant believe that he was so agressive towards him. I seperated and paired up as suggessted, but however they're doing worse in pairs then in mini groups. Im frustrated. Thanks everyone.