View Full Version : Impaction - No Mineral Oil?

07-22-08, 04:10 pm
I wanted to do a bum cleaning today since one of my boys is getting a little yucky down there, but I've got no mineral oil! Is there anything else I can use?

I have baby oil, it says the ingredients are mineral oil and fragrance. Can I use this?

07-22-08, 04:52 pm
I went ahead and used baby oil and everyone got a clean out. They didn't seem to mind TOO much, I just wriggled the q-tip in right beneath their penis. I wasn't able to get any penises to pop out though [yes, they are boys. There's no doubt about that!] and I really wanted to make sure they were clean too :/ I'll have to try those another day.
I took pictures of what came out on the q-tip because I wanted to know if this was normal or if there may be an impaction-piggie in my future. Here's a link to the picture, it's nothing bad but I don't want anyone to have to look at something they might not want to! :P


07-22-08, 05:14 pm
That looks very normal. I would be careful about the baby oil since it does have fragrance in it, depending on the pig, he could have a skin reaction to the fragrance.

You know when you see an impacted piggy. There will be a clump of poo from all the soft poos that weren't expelled normally.

07-22-08, 06:24 pm
It's a butt. It gets dirty. That looks completely normal.

An impacted pig will have what looks like shooter marbles of poop, in his butt.

07-22-08, 08:30 pm
I also didn't realize I was out of mineral oil, so I just used some plain water on a q-tip. Major Mogwai REALLY needed some cleaning... He had old poo stuck around his pee'er... I had to have hubby hold him so I could get everything. He also finally let me trim his front nails! Sarge had some grime and hay, and Lt. Dan was fairly clean, just some hair stuck around his you-know-what.

But yeah, those q-tips are fairly clean compared to what came outta Mogwai, and he's not impacted... as the poop that was released onto hubby's lap proves. :D

07-22-08, 09:07 pm
Vegetable oil works too.

07-25-08, 10:24 am
Olive oil, vitamin E oil or grape seed oil also work.