View Full Version : Eek! Lucy is a boy!

07-22-08, 12:09 pm
I know I shouldn't of gotten the "girls" from a pet store but I saw them and fell in love and just couldn't leave them in that tiny crowded cage, apparently that wasn't my only mistake tho I also trusted that the pet store guy knew what he was doing when he checked there sex....

After watching them today and see'ing Lucy acting sorta odd around Twiggys backside I realized I hadn't actually done a real check myself so I got Lucy out and did that thing where you push on the area just above the opening and out pop'ed a tiny little tallywacker! I checked Twiggy and she is really a she but now I'm terrified she is pregnant at 9-10 weeks and by her brother at that >.<

I've seperated them and am going to rework the cage tonight so they both have half but what else should I do? How old does Lucy (guess we need to think of a new name) need to be to get nuetered and if Twiggy is pregnant will she be able to survive it being so young and tiny. I feel so stupid for not catching this sooner.

07-22-08, 02:20 pm
That's pretty common. That's why we say not to buy or trust them to sex them.

You'd need to wait a few months to have him neutered but make sure you have a good vet.

She may or may not have complications. You may be lucky and she isn't pregnant yet.

07-22-08, 02:35 pm
I would go to the vet, soon and fast.

07-27-08, 04:55 pm
I've been calling around trying to find a good cavy savvy vet to do Lucy's neuter when he gets bigger but I'm not haveing any luck. I tried useing the vet finder from links on these forums but the vet I got off there said he'd do the neuter now at only 10wks when I took the piggys in for a check up, which made me more then a little distrustfull of him. I was under the impression 3 months was bare minimum and 4 moths was better. Any one know of a good vet for a pig neuter within a reasonable distance to cincinnati ohio? I dont mind a long drive aslong as the return trip wont be so long that it stresses out Lucy right after haveing surgery.

07-28-08, 12:14 am
My friend lives in Cin. Ohio and she works at Pittsburgh Zoo. It is about a 2 hour drive on route 22 for her daily but, if you want a really good cavy savvy vet, Dr. Wagner is awesome. He has so many degrees its unreal, and specializes in guinea pigs but see's other small animals too. He also has alot of experience with neuters and spay's. He is the best doctor/vet I have ever met. I take any pig that I think needs serious medical attention, you know more than just a check up. So if you were willing to make a drive I could set you up with him. If not I know my friend would transport him to me and I could take him or something and she could drive him home afterwards. ONly thing he only does surgery I think on tuesday nights. He is great and I know quite a few people with rescues that use him for lethal babies that come from surrendered moms. I actually have a few prego moms that were rescued and I am going to be going to him if any of the babies have problems because I know for a fact the one female was bredded back to back 5 times with no break in between which kills me to think of the mysery she is going through. I hope that helps. I will ask my vet friend who works at the zoo with the penguins who she knows out your way. I know though she has her pigs seen out here. She is actually quitting her job to take care of her pigs. So I think Its awesome how great all the people on here are with their pigs. Good luck!

08-08-08, 09:33 am
dont know if its different over here in the uk but vets dont do castrations til 6 months and the pig has to be a certian wieght cant rmember what it is right now though i had the same problem brought two girls and one was male and i now have babies on the way. Nightmare but pet shops seem to be so bad at sexing them that theres probably a 90% chance that they are pregnant when you buy them. im also wondering if my babies will be born deformed the mum and dad are brother and sisiter. anyone know if this is the case?