View Full Version : Introducing CavyCage.com to Pet shops

12-26-04, 02:17 pm
Do you think it's a good idea to introduce the this forum as people who would love to rear guinea pigs could post questions here and get more information? I think it's a good idea... because some petshop person just don't really know how to take care of a guinea pig, they'll introduce you pellets with seeds and some other stuff which will somehow waste more of your money...

12-26-04, 03:03 pm
This is not a breeder freindly site. The cage part would be great, but they would probly be banned from the forum.

12-27-04, 09:22 am
I mean like... for the customers to log in... so they can have a look and ask questions... what to buy what not to buy... what is good... what is not...