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07-19-08, 06:09 pm
I'm pretty sure our little girls have mites one has been scratching quite a bit and they came from a pet store. There isnt any hairloss and there both eating, drinking, and poop'ing fine but I noticed what looks like dandruff by the ears. At first I figured it was just from the gross bedding they were on in the store but they've been on all fleece and carefresh for like 2 weeks now. I'm going to get a scale hopefully tonight or first thing in the morning but have no idea where to find a 1cc syringe the closest I could find was an eye dropper with .1cc, .2cc, .3cc, .... markings on it. Our girls are still really small so i'm guessing the dose is going to be like .034cc of Ivomec is it safe to just try to eyeball a little less then half a .1cc increment or does anyone know a good place to look for a smaller syringe?

Also I'm useing Guinea Lynx -- Topical Ivermectin Treatment (http://www.guinealynx.info/topical_ivermectin_pour-on.html) to get the dosage our ivomec just got here today, I bought
Click here: www.CattleStore.com - IVOMEC Pour-On (http://www.cattlestore.com/pc-364-74-ivomec-pour-on.aspx) just wanted to make sure thats the right stuff before I use it on them. On a lighter note I was shocked at how much a little mite medicine cost till it got here today and I realized I had order a really big bottle lol. Sorry for the long post and thank you for your help.

07-19-08, 06:37 pm
Go to any drug store and ask the pharmacist for a 1cc oral syringe. They use them to dose human medicines as wel. I've gotten them from Target pharmacy and CVS. They're usually happy to give you one if you explain that it's for a small animal.

07-19-08, 07:08 pm
Cool thank you hadn't thought to ask the pharmacy people.

07-19-08, 08:00 pm
Most pharmacists will be happy to give you a syringe (I know because I am a pharmacist). I have given them out without a prescription. I just remove the needle and give the syringe....sometimes you need to be able to dose in something smaller then teaspoon....

Actually, depending on your state, you might be able to buy syringes without a prescription...for example, here in IL, you can sell 10 syringes without a prescription...

07-19-08, 10:50 pm
Order one online or tell the pharmacy what it's for. They will usually give you one. Or ask your vet.