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07-18-08, 11:48 pm
I have a fleece cage for my two pigs. I also have a litter box and a kitchen area that I put newspaper in then care fresh stuff on top. Lately one of my girls has started to eat the newspaper. I thought that maybe it was because there wasn't fresh hay, but I've been really good about making sure that they have plenty of fresh hay and food. Right after I put new hay and food in there, she went and started on chowing down on the newspaper.

I'm guessing this isn't healthy, please what can I do to stop this or prevent it?

(I'm reluctant to stop using the newspaper to line the cage because it makes cleaning their house so much easier.) I will change it if it is endangering them, but as I'm a student I like to have clean up as quick and efficient as possible. Thanks so much!

07-19-08, 12:08 am
I would suggest calling your newspaper carrier and making sure they print with soy ink. Most companies do but I would check to make sure. My boys also like to munch on the newspaper and I think it may be out of boredom. I don't think they ingest much though so as long as your pigs aren't "eating" it in large quantities and it is soy ink, it doesn't hold a serious health risk from what I have heard and read.
Good Luck!

07-19-08, 12:26 am
Thanks, I have just emailed our newspaper company.
I don't think it is in large amounts... but it is more than nibbling.

07-19-08, 12:43 am
As stated before, most black and white newspapers are printed with vegitable based dies, but getting in touch with the newspaper company is a good idea.

07-19-08, 01:36 am
My piggies enjoy crumpled paper balls as toys which is in essence the same thing. The only hazard is the ink, and others have already addressed that. I think they mostly like to nibble it. I've not actually seen my GPs eat the paper.

07-19-08, 11:29 am
Mine eat paper. Depending on the size of the area that you need to cover, you could use newsprint (unprinted, unbleached newspaper, available at moving companies), or even clean lunch bags that you can buy at the supermarket-cheap!