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07-17-08, 09:40 pm
Hello All. My rescue pig from the horrible BB has delieverd 3 healthy babies. 2 boys and one girl. So adoreable and the cutest little buggers ever. The vet gave her a shot of oxytosin to start her milk, but its almost midnight and still no milk. I am hand feeding her babies critical care. But I didnt know if maybe there is something else that can be done to get her milk in? She is under a year old, and the lady said she had 5 BACK TO BACK LITTERS. Thank the lord there was no lethels in this litter. My friend who owns Wheek Care Rescue in Pittsburgh said the babies are huge and look like 4 day old babies when they were born. So they are full of spunk and energy, and are too sweet. It seems the mother is a great mom, she did everything all herself and I didnt have to do a thing, which is good. Sometimes if they had so many litters the babies come out so quick she cant pop the bubble fast enough like her last litters and then the babies suffocate. But they have a good mommy now, and I will never allow anyone to breed theese guys ever again. Any ideas are apperciated since this is the first time I am a grandma. The two boys are brown and white american/aby mix with the cutest ears. The girl who I am keeping is black on the face and but and has a "necklace" of half brown on left side and half white on right side and they meet up perfectly in the middle. Didnt think of names yet, but working on that. I am thankful to any suggestions. The lady at the vet told me she was having 6 babies and 2 were dead, well that was after she told me she isnt fond of pigs and just to let nature take its course if they are dead they are dead. WoW I was so mad. But thankfully they are well.
SOrry for the long post but I wanted to get it all in.

07-17-08, 10:06 pm
Have you read Guinea Lynx :: Hand Feeding (http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html#pups) ?

Are they eating hard food on their own? Sometimes it can take several hours for the milk to come in but she may an issue if she has been bred so many times.

07-17-08, 10:17 pm
Yes , I have read the guinea lynx site thoroughly on hand feeding and have it printed out right now. I have hay, pellets, and of course veggies in smaller amounts near them in case they want to try it again. They are not eating on their own as far as hard foods, they have tried the lettuce because they seen mom eating Romaine. But they only like wiggled it in their mouths, no bites of anything substantial. The babies were born at 630-637-655pm with a afterbirth passing after each one. The Last baby was further up and took her a while to get it to come down into birth canal. Now Princess(mommy) has totally bonded with her two sons that look just like her. But as far as the girl goes, every time she goes by mommy, mom veryroughly head butts her to go away. So I guess If they dont bond soon Im going to have to step in. I am giving them at least 1cc of critical care every half hour to fourty five mins. The boys took 1cc and .4cc at one sitting. The mom isnt taking in any fluids. She ate some romaine but shes acting goofy. Still no milk. Im kind of stuck here, and my vet isnt in till themorning.

07-18-08, 07:09 am
The baby that was first born, passed away last night. He just didnt make it. He held on for a tough fight though. I called him by the name of Peanut. He seemed okay at first, and when we got home he was moving around and active. Then at oh around midnight, he had started wheezing. About a half hour later, he was fine. Still syringe feeding critical care, around 6am this morning he just looked done with everything. He looked up at me as I snuggled him, I knew what was going to happen. I placed him back in with mom so she can say her goodbyes. She knew it too. she just laid next to him, and put her nose over his belly. I knew she knew. I came back out and she nudged him towards me. I held him until he peacefully went off to the Rainbow Bridge. Im truely upset because this was my first experience with a pregnant rescue and I have never seen a baby. Im glad the girl and her brother are okay for now. They seem to be doing great but Im going to hold my breath and pray they make it through the next few days. Mom still DOES NOT HAVE MILK. She had a small drop come out last night at 4 am but they keep trying to nurse and nothing. They squeel and wheek after they try but nothing. Im going to call the vet again today. Any suggestions? ANYONE? I see tons of people reading but no replies?

07-18-08, 07:45 am
i'm so sorry to hear of your loss hope the other two will be ok have no advice unfortuantly perhaps the stress of having several litters back to back has something to do with her lack of milk good luck at the vets

07-18-08, 08:26 am
One thing to try (I have seen it work with all different types of animals) is to get some cotton wall, put them in some warm water then gently rub the mums teats with them.

Hope the babys are able to nurse soon!

07-20-08, 10:28 pm
I'm sorry about the baby. Perhaps he inhaled some of the fluid in his sac, or had some sort of congenital problem.

I agree that her body may not be able to put out any milk because it's been so drained. Try offering the babies Critical Care on a spoon or a small plate, and give mom extra alfalfa for the calcium and protein.