View Full Version : Someone who has a 2x4 with a 1x2 loft, please answer!:)

07-17-08, 03:05 pm
Well I visited one place who said their coroplast was $80 for a 4x8 and I decided that is WAY too expensive, so that day I went to BBB and found 2 long storage containers that can slide under a bed. Well I cut the ends off both of them and slid them together making one long container. The dimensions are about 4.5 x 1.5 and right now I have 2 piggies. So, I found a place not too far away that sells coroplast and a 4x8 sheet for a about 25. Reasonable since the last one i found was over 3x that. SO! My question is, if I wanted to build a 2x4 with a 1x2 loft. what would be the dimensions for both sheets (top and bottom)? and what are your dimensions if you have that sort of cage set up?


07-17-08, 04:03 pm
Are you zip-tying or using connectors on your cage?

07-17-08, 04:27 pm
I'm using both. Since at the moment I needed to connect the half pieces.

07-19-08, 01:10 am
I have a 2x4 with a 1x2 loft and, while I can't find my tape measure, I did recently measure, because I'm planning on changing to fleece... The bottom is 28"x56" (add 6" to a side for the size of the plastic, and that gives you... 40"x68") and the loft is 14"x28" (adding 6" to a side again gives you... 26"x40"). Hope that helps!