View Full Version : How high should I hang the water bottles?

07-17-08, 02:29 pm
I just got my c&c cage done, except for the coroplast, that is coming tomorrow. Right now I am using a piece if plywood lined with trash bags for my water proof surface. Anyway, I just got the new pigs 3 days ago, and I am having water bottle problems. If I rest the nozzle on the 3rd bar from the bottom, the pigs have to lower their heads to take a sip. If I hang the water bottle from the 4th bar from the bottom, they seem to have to stretch to reach it. Which would they prefer, to have to bend or stretch to reach? Should I leave one bottle up high and the other one lower? And when I get my coroplast, if they like the bottle lower, will I have to cut a notch in the coroplast wall for the nozzle to rest lower. Advice greatly appreciated.

07-17-08, 02:32 pm
I've always put mine so they have to look up to drink. None of them complained... lol

07-17-08, 03:23 pm
My water bottle is on the fourth or fifth bar because my coroplast has high sides. I put a brick underneath in case they needed a boost and it catches drips. Works for us!

07-17-08, 04:05 pm
My water bottle is on the fourth or fifth bar because my coroplast has high sides. I put a brick underneath in case they needed a boost and it catches drips. Works for us!

LOL that's exactly how mine is!!

07-17-08, 04:06 pm
I poked a hole in my coroplast and put the bottle in the middle of the third square. That was before I had pigs and knew their actual size. My other cage has the bottle on the fourth bar.

07-17-08, 04:40 pm
I poked a hole in the coro too. It's the fourth square up.

07-17-08, 05:50 pm
I have mine on either the 5th or 6th square. I do have a brick underneath. I have watched all of them drink and they don't seem to have a problem no matter which square I hang the bottle on.

07-17-08, 06:38 pm
I have it on the 5th square - just above the coroplast. I used to have it on the 3rd square but now since I have the food/water in the loft, my piggy has the extra boost from the litter in the litter box which stands right underneath the water and the hay.

07-23-08, 08:40 am
I have mine on the fourth square up.

happy piggies
11-08-08, 06:49 pm
ours is at the top of the cage 9 squares high.

we us a bird water bowl to catch the drips it is 6 squars high, and a half grid to mount the bottle to.

this gets there body line up and they drink rather quickley

thay put there feet on the bird dish and drink from the bottle

11-08-08, 07:55 pm
Mine is on the fourth square.

11-08-08, 09:27 pm
I would hang it right at nose height. Mine hangs from the top, but the part that they drink from hangs right at the 4th from bottom hole.

11-09-08, 01:33 pm
I hang the water bottle at the fifth square from the bottom. The fifth square is nose-level to my full grown pig, but my little nine week old pig has no problem reaching it. (;

11-09-08, 03:41 pm
The spout for mine hangs from the fifth or sixth square, I can't remember, and I'm to lazy to go look. :rolleyes: I have two adult pigs, and they reach it quite easily without any problems.

11-10-08, 10:31 am
Both mine are about 6" high... my GPs have no problem drinking from it... they ignored the drip bowl one of them totally.

I think the bird water bowl I a great idea!

11-10-08, 02:32 pm
Mine are just slightly higher than 6" high. The front coroplast is 6" and the spout part of the water bottle rests on the top part of the coroplast.

You don't want to hang a bottle too high or too low as it makes it more difficult for the pigs to be able to drink. They shouldn't have to stand to get a drink and they shouldn't have to bend low.