View Full Version : PetSafari Rocks!!!

12-26-04, 12:36 am
Wow, I'm impressed by their designs. Anyway, I bought a guinea pig for just RM 40 !!! I'm not quite about the breed but the fur is very messy as if you want to comb it... heh... The service there is also very good, they'll guide you through and answer all your questions patiently, they'll also add additional information, advise you which water bottle is suitable yet economical and so on. But the thing which you need to beware is that the pellets they recommend. You might need to choose the pellet your own making sure there's not seeds or animal source in it. The rest are quite reasonable... Oh yea their main supplier for reptiles and all these furry animals is Toby, main store in Penang... heh, where I live.

12-27-04, 09:31 am
But pet shops all suck money. Things are expensive. But no choice. Can't find any other suppliers other than pet shops.

09-10-05, 05:25 am
kennethlhm can think of opening our own cavy pet store!!!
i always go there buy stuff hehe