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07-16-08, 05:48 pm
And it's all my fiance's fault.


Last week I began working on my pigs' new cage but didn't get very far, so right now they're just in one giant cage with three sections: a 3x4 section for my two new girls, a 2x4 section for Wiggley, and a 3x4 section for Narco and York. The girls' section has a lid on it just in case Wiggley ever gets any bright ideas and tries to get to them.

Long story short, I came home two days ago from a long day at work and went in the spare bedroom to feed my guinea pigs. As I was just about to drop a handful of hay in the girls' section, I looked down and my heart went into my throat... there were not TWO, but THREE guinea pigs in my girls' cage... the two girls... PLUS WIGGLEY.

Shock. Horror. Devestation.

I immediately called Sam (my fiance). I had asked him to feed them earlier that day because I had been called into work early. Without getting into too much detail about all the cussing I did, we determined that in his careless effort to feed them, he forgot to put the girls' lid back down (after I specifically told him to do so).

Soooo.... there's no telling how long Wiggley was in the girls' cage. He climbed up on his house and over the divider. He could have been in there anywhere from just a minute up to eight hours. I just don't know.

I feel so irresponsible. I especially feel terrible that a member of this site adopted these girls out to me trusting that they would be well taken care of and now I've let her down.

I don't know anything about pregnant guinea pigs. I don't know how to tell if they're in heat; I don't know if one or both are pregnant. I don't know how to prepare for this.

I have no problem providing whatever care is necessary for the girls and their babies, and I intend on keeping any babies. I'm not worried about that part. I just hate that it happened, because that really cuts down on how many pigs I will be able to rescue, and the ones I could have saved from neglect will now have to wait for someone else. And what if something goes wrong with the girls??

I'm just so... frustrated. Can't believe it happened.

But there's no fixing it now, I guess... so I'm just going to have to learn as much as I can and make do.

Any advice you guys have would be much appreciated. Most importantly, if they are pregnant, how long may it be before I can tell?

07-16-08, 09:41 pm
Oh no! Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Maybe they fought off his advances. If not, I hope they don't have any complications. Good Luck!

07-16-08, 10:07 pm
I'm sorry to hear about the possible pregnancies. Guinea Lynx :: Reproduction (http://www.guinealynx.info/reproduction.html) if you haven't already seen it.

07-16-08, 11:24 pm
If you have a good vet, you may want to consider spaying them. Then they can live together safely. Do you know how old they are and if they have had any babies before?

Otherwise, they had to have been in heat that day. Slight chance they weren't. An x ray or ultrasound would tell you if there are any babies.

07-17-08, 10:34 am
If you have a good vet, you may want to consider spaying them. Then they can live together safely. Do you know how old they are and if they have had any babies before?

Otherwise, they had to have been in heat that day. Slight chance they weren't. An x ray or ultrasound would tell you if there are any babies.

I plan on either spaying the girls or neutering Wiggley whenever our money situation improves some (we just moved, so it's tight right now). I just thought SURELY with a lid on the girls' cage this kind of thing wouldn't happen.

Rainbow is about a year (maybe a year and a couple of months) old, she has already had a litter. Chelsea is her baby, and she is around 4 months old I think.

About how long do you think it will be before I can tell if they're pregnant? I really don't want to do an ultrasound if I can avoid it, simply because I want to save as much money as possible in case there are any complications.

Thanks for the advice.

07-17-08, 01:20 pm
After one month they'll be a pear shape.
They'll deliver their kits around 60 days/2 months.

Guinea pigs do have "heats". Their heat is every 13 days or so. So you MAY be lucky enough not to have little ones.

Do make sure that the girls have extra veggies and good quality hay & pellets to give them the vitamins they'd need for the little ones if there are any.

I once had a pregnant sow, and I didn't have an ultrasound. Luckly she delivered well.

If your guinea pigs are pregnant, they shouldn't have any complications delivering as Rainbow has had a litter before and Chelsea is young enough.

Good Luck to your piggies and you

07-17-08, 01:24 pm
There is always a risk for complications Buttons. Your other info is a little off too. Rabbit babies are called kits. GP babies are called 'pups' too. Gestation is 59-73 days. An ultrasound is to tell you if they are pregnant and how many babies there are.

I meant spay them now as a preventative measure.

You would usually feel movement around 5-6 weeks but sometimes it can be harder to tell if they only have one or two babies.

07-17-08, 02:08 pm
Hopefully they won't be pregnant. But good luck if they are. I was terribly worried about my Ginger when I realized she was pregnant, but everything turned out to be fine. My babies were born about 3 weeks after I started noticing she was starting to get fat. One of the babies is a male and they are almost 5 weeks old now. This is exactly what I'm afraid will happen to me if I don't get him neutered. It only takes one time for them to get pregnant. However I know there are risks to neutering too! But good luck with whatever happens! I'll send you postivie vibes!! Let us know what happens.

07-17-08, 10:58 pm
Guinea pigs do have "heats". Their heat is every 13 days or so.Actually about every 16 days, not 13. And Rabbits is right on the gestational period and that they are called pups.

07-20-08, 10:22 pm
And even with having had a litter before, complications can occur. Remember, cavy pups are much larger than rabbit kits.

07-21-08, 06:48 am
Thanks for the info on heats and stuff you guys. I had planned on neutering Wiggley and letting him live with the girls eventually, but this has thrown a kink into those plans. If they aren't pregnant, I'll still be doing that.

Anyway, what I really need is advice on how to prepare for this. Can Rainbow and Chelsea stay together even during birth? Do I need to feed any certain/extra veggies? Any supplies I should have on hand for complications before, during, or after birth? How do I baby-proof the cage?

ANY information is greatly appreciated.

07-21-08, 09:45 am
"Young, ill, nursing and pregnant animals require extra vitamin C." - GuineaLynx
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Take a look at Ly's charts, as I'm sure you have, keep up the vitamin C. :) Keep weighing them as usual. An ultrasound would be the best bet, or else you have to wait to see, it seems...