View Full Version : Secoind Floor Support

07-16-08, 09:49 am
I have my cage, but no piggies! I am currently waiting for a shelter or rescue nearby to get my piggies. However since my cage is just sitting there I have decided to make it bigger. I want to add a 2x3 grid upper deck. However I am concerned about support. obviously there are many ways to support an upper lever but I want one that does not take away space from the lower level! (Or at least very little) any ideas are more then appreciated! Thanks in advance!

07-16-08, 10:57 am
I use 3/4" PVC pipes. Takes no space at all.

07-16-08, 11:50 am
I also use PVC pipes. I got them from Home Depot.

Harrys Dad
07-16-08, 07:07 pm
run a board across the bottom of the grids. You know from one hole in a grid to another one on the other side maybe a 1 x 1 zipped tied to the upper part.

07-22-08, 06:06 pm
Someone on this stie reccomended that I use a wall bracket. You know those 'L' shaped brackets? I didn't end up needing extra support, but you could try that!