View Full Version : White substance from cavy?please help!!!

07-15-08, 06:51 pm
I just went to fetch my piggies to take them outside and i noticed my sweet little rosy had what looked like 'discharge' from her 'vagina'.instantly,i fetched a paper towel and pulled this out
what should i do?
This CAN'T be normal!?i don't want my sweet piggy to die,and it was found less that ten minutes ago,i fled to here to ask your help.

Should i take her to the vet?Will i loose my piggy either way?
I recently changed their food to plain pellets instead of the 'natures mix' and fed then an orange slice not to long ago.

lease help ASAP!!TT-TT i don't want to loose my piggies!

07-15-08, 10:41 pm
Take her to a good vet as soon as possible. It's impossible for us to know that is going on or to give you medical advice or a prognosis.

07-16-08, 12:28 pm
Ok, I completely agree with VJ, and if you're truly that concerned, definitely take her to the vet.
What you described sounds like maybe bladder sludge or calcium deposit, and could very well be from changing the pellet. It's not healthy to feed a mix pellet. A plain pellet is what they should be eating, something high quality like Oxbow. Mixed pellets have a lot of additives, and other things in them that aren't healthy and potential choking hazards. In fact, a lot of pellets on the market aren't that healthy.
If you head over to the Diet and Nutrition part of the forum, and read the stickies, you'll get an excellent idea of do's and don'ts with their diet.
This website will be very helpful, too. Guinea Lynx :: Health Tips (http://www.guinealynx.info/health.html) and Guinea Lynx :: Pellets (http://www.guinealynx.info/pellets.html)
Hope all is well.