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07-14-08, 08:28 am
My hubby spent an hour or so on Saturday building our new, larger cage for our two boys. Its a 3x3. We have kitties, so we need a top on it. Right now, we have the mesh grids zip tied together as the lid. The back 3 are connected to the sides with both zip ties and connectors. The middle 3 are connected to the sides with loose zipties and to the back 3 with tighter zip ties. The front 3 are very loosely ziptied to the middle three and connected to the front of the cage with carabiners (easy to remove clips). This section can be folded back on top of the 3 behind it. The front wall then comes off (only held on by connectors at the top) and the coroplast slides out.

So, if that description isn't too confusing, I'm hoping for some advice. The roof is pretty unstable in the middle. I'm afraid if a cat jumps on it, it'll crash into the cage. I'm not real fond of the front wall situation either. Any advice on how to make the roof more sturdy or another way to get at the coroplast for cage cleaning would be greatly appreciated.

07-14-08, 11:17 am
Closet shelving like you would find at Lowe's or Home Depot. You would need two pieces about an inch or so longer than the total length of your cage. You zip tie them where they meet in the center and then you could use binder clips to clip them down to the grids.

See the photo galleries for photos of what I am referring to. Look in the closed cages section.

07-14-08, 11:22 am
I zip tied the back piece of my lid to the grid, but I needed something that would help support my flimsy cage. There's a close up of my lid in my photo gallery :D I noticed that the middle of my caged "sagged" a bit under the weight, so I put a PVC support pipe in the middle under the lid. Just drilled some notches in it so the grid lines would "sit" in the PVC rather than rest on top. Makes it very stable.

07-14-08, 04:40 pm
I used PVC also.