View Full Version : Sucking, hiccuping, coughing, choking sound.

07-14-08, 07:45 am
I've heard one of my pigs do this four times now. Once just now, once yesterday, once a couple days ago, and once a couple weeks ago. Who knows how many times in between.

It is extremely loud, and sort of like a "cluck cluck," and it makes me think he's using his tongue while doing it. Actually, it's like if you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and make the clicking noise.

It sounds like all of that and kind of a cough. Like he's trying to get something up, since they can't vomit. Just now he was eating and made that sound, making me think he was eating too fast.

What is this?

07-14-08, 08:38 am
Yes he is probably eating too quickly. I have a Rex who used to be like this he has calmed down a lot though. I cut foods up small for him and that seems to have done the trick.

07-14-08, 11:10 am
Coughing/choking from eating too fast. He's trying to cough the food up. It's something a lot of pigs do when they eat too fast.

07-14-08, 11:15 am
And otherwise known as ... the scariest noise a pig can make! LOL
The first time I ever heard one of mine do it I seriously walked over to the cage very slowly and peered over the bottom. I was certain I was about to see a dead/dying piggie laying on the floor. But no. I just got a "what's the matter with you?!" look instead.

07-14-08, 11:23 am
Definitely, Haley! My brother was holding him yesterday when he did it, and my brother almost jumped off the bed. It's really quite frightening.

I'll just try and get him to go slower then. Thank you everyone!