View Full Version : Do dryer sheets coat fleece like fabric softener?

07-13-08, 10:13 am
If I don't use dryer sheets my fleece is static-y. What should I do??

07-13-08, 01:41 pm
Fabric softener can break down the wicking properties of fleece.

07-13-08, 02:40 pm
I guess I should re-phrase my question...
How do y'all keep your fleece from getting static-y without using softener or sheets?

07-13-08, 04:08 pm
A cup of vinegar in the rinse water helps. Also, since fleece doesn't take long to dry, you could also hang it up instead of putting it in the dryer.

Wheek Weak
07-18-08, 10:43 am
Believe it or not, I just let my fleece get static-y!

I use only non-scented (hypo-allergenic) detergent. The fleece does get static-y, but I just shake it out. By the time I use it in the cages, the static is gone.

White vinegar is a good fabric softener to use if you need to reduce static.

07-18-08, 11:25 am
If I use anything, it's vinegar.

The pigs don't mind it, either, it's softer than traditional bedding anyway! I always shake it before folding it, anyway, and I rotate three fleeces and they never seem too bad, static-wise.

07-18-08, 01:56 pm
In the summertime I just hang the fleece on the line to dry. Otherwise I just shake out the fleece from they dryer before I fold it. Static isn't too bad and it doesn't really hurt anything anyway. :)