View Full Version : My pig hoots occasionally. I need some advice...

07-13-08, 07:31 am
My oldest boy has done this only a few times throughout the whole 2 1/2 years I've had him, but I realize now that what he did is called "hooting" and it's indicative of heart disease. He's been to the vet once a year for check ups and she said that his heart was fine, but should an x-ray or something else be done to diagnose whether or not he has a heart condition? I'm very concerned now since i heard the exact sound on a youtube video and the owner said the pig was diagnosed with a heart defect.

Do they have to hoot all the time or is this something that they will do once in a blue moon? He usually always does it in the middle of the night and it wakes me from my sleep. He'd do it for a while and then would stop for months and months.

07-13-08, 08:23 am
I would take him to a vet and have him x-rayed and specifically checked for heart issues. Tell the vet your concerns - print out the info from GL and take it with you when you go. It might be nothing but if you can get him on some medicine that will help him, it would be worth it. I would rather be safe and have it turn out to be nothing than let it go on without medicine and find later that he could have benefited from treatment earlier in his life.