View Full Version : Ugh, my guinea pig ate some plastic. Can you please help?

07-13-08, 05:48 am
I'm very good about tacking my fleece down but my one boy somehow got underneath it last night and pulled the corner of his puppy pad up. He ate a bit around the rim..only a small bite or two. Should I be worried? It was a very small amount, and I'm not even sure which pig did it. Should I schedule a vet visit to have them both checked out? They must have done it during the night and they're both fine right now..running around and eating fine. Any thoughts? i'm very concerned.

Slave to the Wheek
07-13-08, 06:09 am
I've got one pig who chews his coroplast if there's a pig nearby, he's eaten bits of it over a year now. ..hmm..he's the fattest one..wonder how many calories are in it?

I wouldn't worry about it, just be sure he's got plenty of hay he likes and other things to chew on. He also might be bored stiff so try to let him out more often or even better consider increasing the size of this cage. Oh wait, just saw you cage, no, it's plenty big enough! lol!

I find my boys tend to stop trying to burrow as long as they have plenty of hidey things. Check out my photo gallery for ideas if you like. I also use a 'hay tunnel' that allows them to play in the hay in their hay box. It wastes hay, but hey, it's cheap.

07-13-08, 06:12 am
Oh they definitely don't need an increase in cage size. They have a 2x6 bottom and 2x4 top. I think he just likes to sleep in the corners but he likes to push the fleece away when he does so. I'm definitely going to try more your ideas for hidey places. Thanks!

07-13-08, 01:31 pm
If it was only a tiny amount then it should be ok. My pigs have eaten tiny pieces of puppy pads, they like to nibble on the coroplast, they tried to eat a plastic bag that was left too close to their cage and have tried to nibble on various things while out for floortime. As long as it was only a tiny amount there should be no problem but you will want to keep an eye on them for a few days.