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07-12-08, 08:56 pm
I was wondering is a single bunny would be happy with the time I have to give. I work part time (About 20 hours a week) and will be attending college this coming fall (Two days a week, three classes per day) all things considered do you believe a rabbit would be happy with this limited time? or would it be a better idea to get two rabbits so they may keep each other company in my absense?

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07-12-08, 09:24 pm
Rabbits are always better off with another rabbit, but be warned, rabbits do NOT always bond quickly. A human can somewhat mimic another rabbits presence but it's flat out best to have 2. If they aren't bonded, you can always build 1 split C&C cage so the rabbits can get to know each other between the cage bars but reassured a safe place to retreat. Rabbits rely on each other for grooming, comfort, and affection as well as a friend. If you get 2 rabbits it's best off to get 2 females (if possible) and to have them altered (spayed or neutered). If there's anything else you need feel free to ask. :)

07-13-08, 08:01 pm
I would prefer to see you get two rabbits. Some rabbits prefer to be on their own but then they usually like getting lots and lots of human attention. Also, bonded bunnies are a sheer joy to have. Absolutely adorable.

I don't know where in California you are but there are quite a few rabbit rescues out there. I'm sure they could help you find a bonded pair or even bond two rabbits for you.

07-13-08, 08:19 pm
Rabbits are a pretty long term commitment. They do live up to 10-15 years, though 8-9 is more average.

You probably want to read up on them first House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide (http://www.rabbit.org)

07-14-08, 10:17 am
I agree - two rabbits would be best. I've found rabbits tend to bond better with their owners than guinea pigs do - but otherwise the same "rules" apply. They are a social species and need the company of their own kind, partly for company when you can't be with them, and partly to enable them to practice a full range of natural behaviours.

It is possible to have two males, two females, or one of each - but obviously all should be neutered regardless. They do seem to be harder to bond than piggies - I don't know about the US, but here in the UK most rabbit rescues have already neutered, bonded pairs (of either sex) available. Many will also help with intros if you find two single rabbits you like.

Just bear in mind that rabbits need more space than piggies, and two bunnies will need more than one.

I know these are UK websites but they have some great info that you might find useful:
Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (http://www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/resources/index.php?section=leaflets.html)
Rabbit Rehome - Adopt a unwanted bunny from a rescue centre (http://www.rabbitrehome.org.uk/rabbitcare.asp)

07-15-08, 05:34 pm
This site also has great info:

Morfz.com (http://www.morfz.com)
(rabbit refs)