View Full Version : Sulfatrim - Drowsiness?

07-12-08, 12:35 pm
Has anyone ever had a pig on Sulfatrim? I noticed that after I administer the antibiotic my pigs get very sluggy. While they do normally sleep in the afternoon they usually perk up around 5-6 and hop all over the place because they know veggie time is coming. Now, they're sleeping throughout the entire afternoon until I come in with veggies and wake them with their "dinner call". They seem pretty active in the morning and at night, since it's been several hours since they're last douse. They are recovering from a URI, but I think the medicine is actually making them sleepy, not the illness itself. Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.

They've continued to eat well. I'm not sure if their drinking on their own and even if they are, they were never big drinkers, so I've been syringing water to ensure hydration.