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07-10-08, 09:16 pm
I have recently adopted my pig Brobee about a week ago, and of course is still in quarentine, and am suspicious if he has URI. I am going to the vets office asap tomorrow, I'm so worried!

Though, there are a few things I am unsure about..how does a guinea pig even get URI? Does it need to come from another pig, or can they develope it on their own? Brobee has not been around another pig for several months. He has sneezed a couple times, though there is no discharge, am still worried.

Also, I was sitting there snuggeling with him trying to make him comfortable, and it sounded like he was making a clicking sound..but it was more like he was just trying to purr, cause he would make the click sound and kind of purr, or "talk" how some people may say. (not the purr of displeasure)

07-10-08, 09:56 pm
I asked the same question in my thread. I don't know how they get URI's, but I wish I knew. I think it's mostly random. Dampness and drafts can lead to one, but my Milo wasn't exposed to either and he's been a sick little piggie. Although, Milo has sneezed since I got him in March, which always flared with new hay and bedding [carefresh at the time]. So I believe he just got a bit of a susceptible/weak respiratory tract.

They sometimes grind their teeth which can sound a bit like a click. My piggie Thor does that almost purr but mostly a barely-there hoarse whining, it's just his voice lol, he's a nervous pig.

Good luck at the vets tomorrow! Trust me, I know it's worrisome, I didn't sleep all last night.

07-10-08, 10:04 pm
Haha, aww your piggies are so cute. I was wondering that too, and what you said does make sence, with the "susceptible/weak respiratory tract". Cause Brobee hasn't been around another pig in a loonng time, it wouldn't make sence if he had URI if they had to get it from another piggie.

I think the clicking is part of his voice, cause it makes the clickly sound when hes like trying to purr, then he kind of gets louder and it turns into an actuall purr. It doesn't seem to reflect his breathing itself, just when he starts out with purring. But it goes away after he actually starts, and gets louder with it.

Oh, and thanks! I'm sure I wont get much sleep myself..hopefully all goes well though!

07-10-08, 10:43 pm
Lots of us humans get URIs from nowhere, too. Like... Sinus infections. Especially those of us with allergies, or when we're around something too dusty, etc etc. (I get them chronically, so any time one of my boys sneezes, I run over to the cage all concerned... and they just stare at me like I'm nuts.)

07-10-08, 11:08 pm
They get URI's from bacterias. The same way humans get sick.