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07-10-08, 08:02 pm
I want to get Pumpkin a cavy cozy (not a cuddle cup) but i want to make my own. So does any one know how to. :cheerful:

07-10-08, 09:24 pm
What kind, if not a cuddle cup?

07-10-08, 09:34 pm
I used this sites pattern to make my cozy. It is really easy to do. I added batting to mine to make it warner and so that it would hold its shape better.

Sewing Projects - ImageEvent (http://imageevent.com/bizylizy/craftsguineapigfun/sewingprojects)

They have some other good ideas too. You do need to sew to make it though. If your not a sewer just do a search for cavy cozy and you will find heaps of alternate ideas that don't need sewing.

Hope thats helpful :)

07-11-08, 08:50 am
O.K thank you i am getting the fabric now

Harrys Dad
07-11-08, 05:54 pm
I used the same as Sammy-Kaye and my boys love them.