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07-09-08, 12:18 pm
Hello all.

My name is cat and my guineas are called cinnamon and honey. I am relatively new to guinea pigs and have found this forum an absolute diamond! Despite my months of research before i got my piggies i still found i had much to learn. Luckily my piggies did not suffer due to my lack of experience! My piggies are 10 months old and they have taken over my spare time and my house! i wouldn't have it any other way though. I didn't realise how sweet and loving guinea pigs were and i am so lucky to have "my boys".

I have yet to work out how to get my photos uploaded from my pc so if anyone has pointers i would be most grateful.

07-09-08, 03:55 pm
Welcome. This is a thread explaining posting pictures http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/feedback-how-do-i/11476-how-do-i-get-pictures-post.html. I'm not the best person to exlplain it at all. I took forever to learn how, but it is super easy now.

07-10-08, 07:10 am
Welcome to GPC. You sound as if you really enjoy your piggies. Do look at the link provided by PixieStix, all you really need to do is use a host like photobucket or imageshack. Can't wait to see pictures.

07-10-08, 11:40 am
Hi many thanks for the link. I will have a go. I have had many pets in my time but have not got so much enjoyment than from my piggies. I have definatley caught the bug and can see why people luv there pigs so much.

Hopefully my pics will work soon. I have managed to get a pic by my user name so i will introduce them. Honey is the white and tan piggie.He is very shy but loves nothing more than snuggling under my chin and falling asleep. The black and tan one is cinnamon. He is very cheeky and a little bit naughty. He doesn't keep still long enough to enjoy cuddles. He reminds me of a toddler. He has to be the first with everything. He also squeaks the loudest when he knows food is coming and enjoys running round my living room at full speed.

Again many thanks for the link.

07-10-08, 12:33 pm
They are both adorable! Sounds to me like cinnamon is the dominent one! Are they from the same litter?

07-11-08, 12:17 am
Hi Frashy

No they are from different litters and although they got on to start with they fight if in the same cage. They do get on if they are on neutral ground but i don't feel comfortable leaving them together unsupervised. Cinnamon is definatley the dominant one but they don't like being apart either. They have a separation grid on their cage so they can still talk and touch noses but can't hurt each other. Luckily my local vet is guinea lover also and i am often there for advice. I bet he is quite sick of me now!!!! I don't want them to be lonely and feel honey would be even happier if he had another guinea to cuddle up to. I am toying with the idea of getting my boys netured and trying to rescue two girls. My vet says neturing boys is routine and his team have done this on numerous occassions with no problems. It still doesn't stop you worrying though does it!!!! I have found people's comments on this subject very interesting and have still to make a decision. Is there anyone out there that has had the same problem and found a better solution. Or they had a great success in neturing their boys and introducing two new piggies.


07-11-08, 12:10 pm
Even if your vet is very experienced with neutering, it still wont change the fact that it won't change their personalities. I don't know what size cage they have, but the bigger the better. Boars need more space to get along then females. They need to have at least two of everything if not three so they don't have to share. It sounds to me you have a dominant pig and a submissive pig. I don't see any reason they can't get along with out neutering if you fulfill all their needs.

07-12-08, 12:31 am
My vet said the same thing. That it wouldn't change their behaviour but it may be possible to introduce two girls. That way my boys won't have to live alone and i could resuce two girls. My cage is a 2x 5 but i have had to split it in two at the mo. Its such a shame that my inexperience could have caused this as my piggies mean the world to me. I am hoping i can resolve this.

Many thanks for your comments

07-12-08, 08:45 am
I would think that introducing females would not be the best idea. To me is would seem that they would become more territorial. Maybe you could reintroduce them. Here's a good link that may help that go smoother this time. And a 'buddy bath' might help, worked for my girls :)

Guinea Pigs Social Life (http://cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm)

07-12-08, 10:28 am
Sorry i don't think i explained myself very well and when i read my posting again it sounded like i was going to keep all four together. What i was saying was to have two separate cages with one of my boys and a girl and the same in the other cage.

I have tried the buddy baths numerous times but the boys just fight. As cinnamon is the dominant he always ends up with Honey's fur in his mouth. I then have to separate them and i cant keep putting honey through it. He is going to get hurt.

Do you think the same would happen if i introduced a girl to cinnamon. I have read about introducing new piggies . Could he do the same to a girl piggie or are they just fighting because they are boys. Do girls and boys fight just as much if they don't get on.