View Full Version : Any reason to spay 2 females?

07-08-08, 12:07 pm
If I were to find a bonded pair of females I would be overjoyed. If I only had 2 girls, would there be any reason to spay? I have heard in rabbits that uterine cancer is often developed if left un-spayed. Is this the same in cavies? Also is the surgery dangerous? Thanks for your help.

07-08-08, 12:23 pm
No it isn't necassary to spay your females. In fact its suggested not to. Its very invasive. I don't beleive that uterine cancer can even happen in a guinea pig. So to answer your question, no.

07-08-08, 12:54 pm
sorry to double post: I meant that the uterine cancer CAN'T happen in guinea pigs. haha

07-08-08, 02:04 pm
Sows can get reproductive cancer.

Depending on who you ask about their opinion on routine spaying, you'd get different answers. Spaying is much more invasive than neutering.

I wouldn't do it unless you have a really good vet and your sow is showing reproductive issues.

The rates are not as high as in rabbits.

07-08-08, 05:08 pm
Alright, thank you, I want long lived, happy piggies, and I want to make sure to check up on everything I can before a pig even sets foot in the house.