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07-07-08, 04:20 pm
Right now I'm really nervous. I've been away with the guinea pigs for about 2 weeks. During that tine I had no access to a computer or vet.(that I know of)

Well the other morning I noticed that there was red pee in the cage. I immiediatly thought it was blood and had no idea what to do. Then I started thinking. The past couple of days I'd given them alot of red lettuce.

Would this cause their pee to be red?

If not what are some other possibilities?

I'm going to check right now on GuineaLynx but I really need some advice from eveyone on here.

I stopped giving them red lettuce for awhile and from what I can tell I didn't see any red blood...but I also didn't see any normal colored pee. I'm really worried...HELP!

07-07-08, 04:34 pm
I do know that if they get beetroot it can turn their pee red, maybe it was the lettuce. Red pee can also be a symptom of a urine infection, for which you will need to visit your vet.

If there is no more red pee, and they/ one of them do not seem to be in pain, then it might have been the lettuce. A vet can test their urine to determine if there is an infection. Hope this helps.

07-07-08, 07:40 pm
Some foods can discolor their pee but if it is real blood, could be UTI or bladder stones.

Have either lost any weight?

07-07-08, 08:02 pm
Have either lost any weight?

I don't beleive they have.....maybe I should check again..... I don't think they did but they might have lost like an ounce. SHould I bring them to the vet just in case? Do you know what foods cause a pee discoloration? Do you know how much it would cost to get them checked for the UTI or stones?

07-13-08, 11:43 am
I would call your vet and ask if you can bring in a urine sample. They'll check it out and see if it's blood. That would be where I would first start off, be sure it's not a UTI before you rule anything else out. You could still bring her in for an examination, but when I've brought them in over possible UTI's, they just told me to go home and get a urine sample. And I had to pay for the visit.
Put her in a clean basin, and wait for her to pee. Then suck it up in a syringe and right away bring it to the vet. The vet could do that for you, but you'd have to pay for it.
Goodluck, I hope all is well.

07-13-08, 04:05 pm
The past couple of days I'd given them alot of red lettuce.

Would this cause their pee to be red?

Do you mean red leaf lettuce? If so, I doubt it could cause urine discoloration, certainly not to the degree you're describing. My pigs get red leaf lettuce nearly every day and they have never, ever had red or even redish urine as a result.

07-13-08, 04:27 pm
Red leaf lettuce won't cause red pee. Generally the veggies that will cause red pee are beets, sometimes pomegranats.

07-15-08, 07:32 pm
SOrry I know this post is from a little while ago but I don't think they're pee in red anymore. Any hunches to why? No weight loss or anything. Bizzare.....

07-15-08, 08:05 pm
Are you sure it wasn't a food stain?