View Full Version : What can I use to get the pigs cage off the ground?

07-06-08, 04:18 pm
Okay, since Snickers died I don't have any pigs, but I am looking. The first 2 rescue pigs I find that already have been introduced to each other(I'm scared if I get one and another later on that they will fight, and I certainly wouldn't want to have to keep them separated)I am planning to bring home with me. Anyway, I am going to start out with an open 2x4 cage, but the area I am planning on putting the cage is kind of awkwardly shaped. It is a nook in the wall that goes back 3ft. There will be a wall against three sides of the cage. The real issue is that I am having trouble finding a table to set the cage on that will fit in my small space. I need something that will support a 2x4 cage that is no smaller that 27in by 54in, and,no larger than 32in by 60in. I'm not handy at all so building something is almost out of the question unless its really simple. Also, could I do something like a metal filing cabinet(I don't really like the way filing cabinets look) at each end, and then rest a piece of plywood over the filing cabinets to support the cage in the middle where there would be no filing cabinets under it? Any suggestions?:confused:

07-06-08, 04:24 pm
Many people build bases from grids, which has the bonus that you can make added storage. Look through the galleries to get some ideas. There's a whole gallery of just stands if you scroll down.

07-06-08, 04:39 pm
I recently purchased a table. At the time I had two, 2x4 stacked cages. This particular table was available at Bunnings (hardware store) and Target - in Australia at least. I had about 30-36cm left over though, and ended up making the bottom cage a 2x5 (which fits the table perfectly).

07-06-08, 05:09 pm
Here are some to give you an idea. I saw another cage earlier on plastic stoargs bins, It looked nice, I will see if I can find it for you


07-06-08, 10:07 pm
Hit up goodwill/thrift stores for coffee tables or old furniture that's odd sizes! :D Never hurts to look.

07-07-08, 09:32 am
Okay, thanks, I don't know If I want to use grids to support the cage because they just seem too flimsy, but, thanks,because I didn't know about the section in the gallery! I'll have pigtures of the cage as soon as it is finished(and has piggers in it!);)