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07-04-08, 08:27 pm
Hi There, I just starting building my first C&C cage tonight, already have all the materials, and stopped before taping together the coroplast for the bottom. I was thinking that it wouldn't look very nice...considering all my cubes are black, my cable ties are black, my coroplast is black, and the wood ramp is stained a nice cheery walnut. lol I'm really into making it look nice and fit in with my decor as well as being functional. Is there a better way to attach the flaps together on the coroplast? Tape doesn't seem like it would hold up well to washing if i wanted to put it in the tub.

I might tape it for tonight because I'm REALLY anxious to finish her new cage...but I'd like a better solution. Although it probably wont be easy removing the tape later to upgrade...hmm...

Anyways, please message me back with any ideas, or anything you've used instead of tape ASAP so I can finish my girls great new cage!

Shauna & Kenya

07-04-08, 10:51 pm
You could binder-clip the corners. Something like I use to clip my fleece to the coroplast, which you can see in my gallery! :D I haven't seen my pigs chew on them, either.

Or, you could use double-sided tape and put it between the flap and the other side (or double over your tape).

You could also use the tape, and then put something decorative over the corner to hide it.

07-05-08, 12:05 am
I used super glue, because we had tons and I couldn't find the roll of tape I'd just bought.

07-05-08, 12:27 am
and the wood ramp is stained a nice cheery walnut. lol

I'd be very careful about staining or treating wood the piggies come in contact with. Pigs often chew or at least nibble at wooden accessories including ramps in their cage. Is the stain non-toxic and animal approved? Even if it is, I'd still personally not use it. I'd rather be safe and use untreated, plain wood, which is what I use for my ramp.

07-05-08, 04:16 am
Duct tape. You can buy black duct tape no problem. I've used it for years and it's fantastic - it stands up to a vast amount of cleaning and abuse.

07-05-08, 07:22 am
The only problem with duct tape is that pigs seem attracted to it. Every piece of duct tape that has had even a corner into the cage got chewed at our house, even though my pigs aren't really cage chewers (they don't bug the coroplast or the pigloos, for example)

07-05-08, 08:50 am
All my duct tape is on the outside to hold the shape.. which a piggy shouldn't be able to get to! lol

This is all you're needing, though, isn't it? To hold the box together? Not to piece together some of your coroplast for an odd-shaped or L-shaped cage?

07-05-08, 10:40 am
Never had a problem with pigs chewing duct tape in the years I've used it.

Maybe it's a different flavour in the States ;).

07-05-08, 11:01 am
We must have cilantro flavored duct tape! I used it once on the outside of a haybox and came in the next morning and the box had collapsed because busy pigs had nibbled all the tape.

07-05-08, 11:17 am
I realized after I posted, that hot glue gun or super glue would probably work! I'm going to try that today. Thanks for your replies!

And as for the wood ramp, I would only ever use treated wood with an animal that didn't chew AT ALL. I should have specified that. I actually have a hedgehog in my C&C cage, I don't have any guineapigs. My hedgie used to have a 5 foot tall all wood and mesh cage, but unfortunately I realized mulitple levels don't suit hedgehogs, so a C&C cage was perfect for her!

Thanks again

shauna & Kenya

07-05-08, 01:11 pm
I have punched holes through the overlapping corners of coroplast and used a ziptie like a shoe lace, lace it through and back out and zip. Also, treated wood isn't safe for anything, even if the creature doesn't chew. The residue on the surface can be absorbed through the skin as they walk over it. You can get small pieces of untreated, hard woods at the lumber yard that won't pose a health issue to the pigs.

07-06-08, 08:22 pm
In New Zealand we have this stuff called hardy glaze which is sheets of stuff that looks like tiles to use in a shower. It is joined together with plastic things that you can get from a hardware store which happen to fit thincker coroplast. You can use it to join to flat pieces but it also comes in L shaped bits for corners.

07-08-08, 02:29 pm
I used duct tape on my first C&C attempt and my piggies chewed through every bit they could get to! In the end I decided to buy a C&C bottom and I'm going to cut up their old bottom to make a new 2nd level, but like Kenya I didn't want to use tape on it. Zip ties are a good idea, or glue. Glad someone already posted on the topic! Thanks guys!