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03-17-03, 03:58 pm
Is it normal for my new guinea pig, Pudge to hide in her house all day? She has a big c&c cage to run around in. I just got her a week ago today. She never comes out until I am in bed, then I hear her darting back and forth. Do you think if I got her another g.pig to play with she would become more social? I am open for any comments and suggestions! Thanks :)

P.S. - it is always quiet around her cage and she just saw the vet so it is not anything medical related, I hope.

*Katie & Pudgie*

03-18-03, 11:11 am
Our pigs will sleep all day in their pigloos if we let them - so we take the pigloos out in the daytime. The pigs also have little wooden houses - most of the time I leave those in the cage so they have somewhere to hide if they want to. We also set up play forts with tubes and grass huts, hammocks, etc. in the daytime. My pigs are more active after 5pm, and they all get very excited when I scoop their cages after 10pm. Guinea pigs are very social animals - so another little girl pig might make her very happy - I know all my pigs love company. I am not used posting replys - so I hope this helps.;)

03-18-03, 04:22 pm
I have 2 male and 2 female piggies, each pair in their own CC setup. I started out with just one male about 18 months ago. This is what I've observerd over the last year and a half [and just confirms what other folks see]

1. Guinea pigs are most active at dawn and dusk. All four of mine tend to snooze most of the late morning and afternoon...until dinner time...other than some low key activity while they forage for hay.

2. Adding another guinea to make a pair increases the activity level enormously...when I had a single male, he pretty much stayed still all day [I don't know what he did at night]. Once I bonded him with another male, the activity increased 100% just by them both playing 'follow the leader'.

I'd recommend trying to find a companion for your's, if possible. You'd need to make sure they have a big enough cage to encourage activity... you'll see a big difference.

03-18-03, 04:33 pm
Just follow up to my previous post: there's probably lots of information here or on cavyspirit about how to bond guinea pigs, but here's what I've experienced:

1. Don't be suprised if your vet tells you guineas pigs are better off kept alone. Mine did. I now beg to differ!!
2. To bond my guinea pigs, I kept them in side by side cages for at least a week so they could get used to each other's scent etc. [The exception was when I bonded a young female with a baby female...I just sensed strongly that the older female was lonely and needed company...I supervised the first introduction and it went smoothly and easily. They are joined at the hip now]
3. Initial 'introductions' were carefully supervised. Short lived tussles did happen...but should become few and far between quickly, not get worse.
4. In some cases, the two (or three) just won't get on...and for the safety of both you shouldn't push it. I bring home the classroom male guinea pig each weekend/vacation. He is desperate for company. I've tried many times to have him in the same (very large) cage with my other two males. It usually is fine for the first 30 minutes, but some nasty tussles have broken out. Now I just keep him in a smaller CC cage that adjoins the other two...so he can see other guinea pigs, even if he can't play with them. Having him only 'at home' at weekend and vacations doesn't help either.

03-19-03, 02:32 pm
Thanks for all of your advice! I am going to go ahead and get another little guinea pig for Pudge. Bye! :p

Briana D
03-19-03, 04:00 pm
Make sure to quarantine your new pig from Pudgy for at least 3 weeks. I don't want to transfer and underlying illness to Pudgy.

03-20-03, 02:07 pm
Ok, I will do that. I have read everything on this site including the section about getting another pig. Plus I really don't want Pudge to get sick again if the other pig is sick. I really appreciate everyones help! Thanks!

Briana D
03-20-03, 02:32 pm
And try to find a rescue or shelter before buying from a store.

Check these sites for adoptable pigs in your area-


Good luck on finding a healthy pig!