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07-03-08, 07:07 pm
What can i give my guinea pig to chew on. I have heard that some people give their rats dog bones. :?:

07-03-08, 07:18 pm
Guinea pigs should NEVER be given dog bones to chew on. They are strict vegetarians and should never be given anything animal sourced. Give your pig lots of fresh grass hay to chew on.

07-03-08, 07:20 pm
ok that is what I thought, but is there any thing else besides hay?

07-03-08, 08:52 pm
ok that is what I thought, but is there any thing else besides hay?

More hay. :D And a cup of fresh veggies per day.

Lots and lots of info on what they can eat, how often, etc etc.

07-03-08, 10:46 pm
Mine chew on those fidle sticks, but if you cant find them for a bargin price on ebay or something I wouldnt buy them because none of my pigs have gone through comercial products like the stick. Ive had them for about a year or so.

07-03-08, 11:42 pm
Oh, yeah, mine have fiddlesticks to use as ramps or tunnels, they sometimes will gnaw on them. It's suggested you get the natural ones, though [edit: instead of the tropical kind, like I have - oops]. You can also use untreated apple wood branches. I'd suggest doing a search through the forums for stuff like that, just "branch" oughtta do it. There's also those timber-hideys that are made from untreated wood.

07-04-08, 12:13 pm
Apple branches and willow branches are safe. Pear tree branches.

But most pigs won't chew on toys. Make sure you provide them with unlimited hay and you can also give them fresh untreated grass, but if they've never had it before then start slowly and build up their intake of grass over time because it can cause stomach upset.

I don't even give my rats dog bones. They aren't healthy for them in my opinion.

Wheek Weak
07-04-08, 01:19 pm

Cardboard tubes (toilet paper or paper towel) stuffed with hay, balled-up plain white paper, brown paper bags, etc.

Check the link to find some fun stuff for your pig to play with and chew on (in addition to hay...which is top priority).

07-04-08, 04:19 pm
As mentioned before, I give my pigs fruit tree branches (I've tried apple and pear branches with them). My pigs love apple branches, and they're their favorite wood chew. Cardboard and paper are huge hits too (though I limit those because my piggers love to eat lots of paper). If you want to give branches, make sure they aren't from a pitted fruit (peach, plum, etc) as those are poisonous, along with redwood branches. The tree should also be unsprayed. Apple tree branches need no preparation or aging, they can be eaten straight from the tree.