View Full Version : Lice comming in on bedding?

07-03-08, 09:53 am

I have been having problems with lice. I took my pigs to the vet and they said that the lice were most likely comming in on the bedding. So i tried to switch to using fabric, but due inconveniences I changed back to aspen. I wanted to switch to carefresh but its is currently not in my price range. I and never heard of the lice comming in on aspen on this sight, and maybe the vet thinks i have a different kind of bedding that dose carry lice. i also read that if you keep lice in a bag for two weeks they would die, so wouldn't that work on wood shavings? Please any info would help me with this frustrating problem.

thanks veronica

07-03-08, 10:21 am
Lice need a host to survive, so they cannot survive for long in a bag of aspen that's been packaged for who knows how long.

What type of treatment did your vet give your piggies?

07-03-08, 06:00 pm
New lice eggs hatch. It may be you aren't killing all the lice off.

What treatment are you using? Advantage?

07-04-08, 09:18 am
Thanks for advice,

My pigs were given Ivermectin by mouth. Is topical better? I know the ingestable kind uses their blood stream to get to the skin and make it poisonus for the lice, but the side effects was fatigue for a few days afterwards. But they have not shown any change now and the lice are almost gone. But I still do not understand why my vet thougt the packaged bedding would bring in the lice.

07-04-08, 12:21 pm
Topical is also absorbed by the bloodstream.

07-04-08, 03:04 pm
There shouldn't be any side effects if you dose it correctly.

For lice, topical ivermec or Advantage is better.