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07-02-08, 12:44 pm
hi i am new here i just got my gps a couple of days ago and was lookin throught here for idea for a bigger cage for them thanks

07-02-08, 02:20 pm
Welcome. I'm sure your new piggies will enjoy a larger home.

Wheek Weak
07-05-08, 12:54 pm
Hi bobbie258...Welcome!

You'll find lots of great ideas for bigger cages here. Not to mention: the proper foods to feed, toys, bedding, socializing, etc.

Just read all of the stickies at the top of each forum, and check out all of the info provided on the home page.

07-05-08, 01:01 pm
Welcome to the forum. I hope you plan on either keeping them separated at all times or getting the male pig neutered. here is a major overpopulation of animals (even guinea pigs) and this overpopulation causes over 2 million animals to get euthanized each year. Each animal born takes a home from another animal and causes an innocent creature to get euthanized. I'm certain you don't want to be a contributor to this problem.

Breeding is also very risky to your animals' health and life. Please take some time to read this link Breeding Guinea Pigs (http://cavyspirit.com/breeding.htm)