View Full Version : Weight Gain...OK?

06-30-08, 11:51 am
My boys will be five months old in July. I've been recording their weight for the last three weeks [finally got a new scale] and I wanted to check that their weight gain is healthy?

June 14
Milo - 1.lb 10 oz
Norbie - 1.lb 8 oz
Thor - 1.lb 12 oz

June 22
Milo - 1.lb 11 oz
Norbie - 1.lb 9 oz
Thor - 1.lb 14 oz

June 30
Milo - 1.lb 13 oz
Norbie - 1.lb 13 oz
Thor - 1.1b 15 oz

Thor's weight seems to be more gradual, but I also believe he's a bit older than the other two. I was just curious if 2-4 oz weight gain is normal for pigs their age, it seems like so much in such a short time frame.

06-30-08, 12:01 pm
There are no real guidelines to go by. I'd say for growing pigs, it sounds pretty good. As long as they aren't gaining tons of weight or losing tons of weight, they are doing well.