View Full Version : pot of grass in cage?

06-28-08, 05:13 pm
I am switching to fleece as soon as I get my piggies' new, bigger cage constructed, and I had an idea for something heavy to hold the ends down: a pot with grass growing in it. Would feeding them grass in the cage this way be too much grass for them? Or are there other dangers or concerns with having a pot in the cage? Has anyone else tried this?

I was thinking about growing some grass and herbs in a pot for them anyway since it's hard for me to get fresh grass for them. (We have dogs in our back yard, and the front yard is next to a road, and the sides of the house are mostly weeds. :yuck:) I did discover a patch of clover in a safe place though, which made my piggies very happy! :D

06-28-08, 05:31 pm
They can have the grass and lots of it as fresh grass is one of the best things you can feed. But putting pots of it in the cage is asking for disaster. You may end up with a very dirty, muddy cage. I don't recommend putting pots of grass in the cage.

I moved your question as it doesn't relate directly to diet or nutrition. It's more of a cage/accessories type question.

06-28-08, 05:51 pm
I agree-pot full of dirt=disaster. Try something else to weigh it down and maybe buy a small flat of grass for them to share. I was looking at a photo yesterday of piggies eating catgrass! Wheatgrass works too.

07-02-08, 03:45 pm
Some heavy stones/rocks might work well as well. They're easy to wash :)