View Full Version : Cage Help!

06-28-08, 10:01 am
I recently build a C&C cage...its 2x4 grids!
I had the cage set up so there was a small loft, and a ladder leading to the loft made out of two bent grids! I had read in one of my books that they prefer having an open cage!
Is this true?

06-28-08, 12:26 pm
The cage you made sounds fine to me...But I am not sure what you mean by an open cage. Guinea pigs are active little animals, and they need to be taken out regularly for floor time, but as far as I know your cage sounds fine

06-28-08, 01:13 pm
Don't trust everything you read in books. Many books are written by breeders and the info is old and out of date or just plain wrong. As long as your pigs have plenty of room to do mad laps in their cage and they get regular floortime, then they will be just fine.