View Full Version : How to Make a cage with a Switch-Back Ramp

06-27-08, 03:16 am
How Do I ?

Like this

Or one like this

07-13-08, 11:28 am
I'm really not sure how to do the switch back ramp besides from just winging it based on what I see. It looks like it's two grids, bent, for the ramp. Maybe one or two bent grids for the supporting wall thing underneath, carpet and coroplast for traction, and all really ziptied together.
You can get really creative with however you want a ramp. When I had an upper level, I just used two bent grids ziptied together, then ziptied to the upper level, and layed a towel ontop.
If you look around the forum or in the photogalleries you might find How-tos.