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12-23-04, 11:00 am
Here is the site to see pictures of the baby bunneis and their mom I was fostering. Unfortunately, they had to go back to the shelter :( The first two pics are of my rabbit Sterling and Clover. We still have Sterling, but Clover passed away this past July of cancer.

The mom is named Minnie and the baby with the darkest markings is Scamp. The runt is named Tiny and the other three are called "the triplets" because we can't tell them apart. Scamp is the boldest, smartest, and most mischeivious of the bunch. He was the first to escape from the nestbox (his eyes were still closed!!!), the first to jump onto the hideyhouse and hayrack, the first to jump to the second level of the condo, and the only one to take the "leap of faith" from the couch to the floor (luckily he was uninjured).

Baby bunnies are a TON of work and expense. I had to clean out their condo every day and clean up all the poo when they had floor time. They ate three huge platefuls of veggies a day and I had to refill the pellets and hay multiple times a day. It was so worth it! :)

12-23-04, 11:01 am
oops I forgot the link: http://photobucket.com/albums/v630/bunnyluv17/

12-23-04, 01:09 pm
I love the the two cuddling. They are all really cute.

My Baby Mu
12-23-04, 08:14 pm
How cute!!