View Full Version : Protecting The Carpet

06-24-08, 05:03 pm
My mom'd freak if she saw what Patch's playpen is like. It's easy to clean up and erase all evidence of it. xD
The only way I can convince her to let me keep it (and possible turn it into part of her cage!) is to find out how to protect the carpet. I have these pads that cost about $4 a box, and they're pee-resistant and everything but pretty small. Patch doesn't chew them, she tunnels under them. xD
So, what do I use to protect the carpet?

(and if this does end up as part of her cage, I'll be able to convince for another piggy--that was my mom's biggest issue, not enough room)

06-24-08, 05:16 pm
For a water-proof bottom layer, you could use garbage bags, a tarp, a painters drop cloth, waterproof table cloth, or a shower curtain. Any of these will prevent the floor from getting wet. On top of the waterproof layer, you could throw newspaper, towels, puppy pads and fleece, or something that will absorb. Cleaning up after floor time with any of these materials shouldn't take too long.

06-24-08, 07:39 pm
I use garbage bags under my boys cage, they are cheap and easy to use. I get the 55gal ones because they are thicker and bigger. You can also use a shower curtain and many other things, PixieStix gave a pretty good list, here's a picture of what the garbage bags are like, this is 2 taped together. http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/jenni_feathers_122/SD531567.jpg