View Full Version : Drop Off GP at Vet?

06-24-08, 04:02 pm
I called a vet to schedule an appointment. But instead was told that there are no appointments, and that you simply drop off your animal in the morning. The vet then examines it sometime throughout the day, then you pick up your animal at the end of the day along with whatever medication the vet has prescribed. Is this standard practice?! How am I supposed to speak with the vet while he is examining my gp? Or ask him questions? Or let him know what symptoms my gp is exhibiting? Keep in mind the only reason I called this vet, was because he is one of the most recommended exotic vets in the city. I asked him questions (like the ones listed here: Guinea Lynx :: Finding a Veterinarian (http://www.guinealynx.info/vet.html)) and he "passed". Am I just being a little too apprehensive? I just found the whole thing a little uncomfortable. But am I right in thinking I should consider finding another vet?

06-24-08, 04:04 pm
If you feel uncomfortable, don't go to that vet. I've never met a vet like that and wouldn't want to leave my pigs.
I wouldn't do it personally, as your pig may get scared without you all day in a loud animal place. You can't go see him or her nor actually ask the vet questions or even see the vet. That's two thumbs down for me.

06-24-08, 04:15 pm
Well thanks. I just wanted some reassurance that it wasn't just me freaking out or being overly protective. But hey this is my pig's health at risk here, so I think I might have a good reason to be! I guess I'll continue my search for a cavy savy vet in my area.

06-24-08, 05:48 pm
I have been noticing that more often that is what is suggested. I personally do not care for just dropping my animal off without having a consult with the vet. The only exeption being routine vaccinations or surgeries. First, depending on how sick the animal is it may sit suffering till its turn to be seen. A vet tech takes a history but it is not the same as having a face to face converstation with the vet. The other thing that vet offices are doing is taking the animal to the back room for the examination. I want to be present when my animal is receiving its exam. There is no reason that blood cannot be drawn in front of me, temp taken, heart and lungs listened to and so on.
Animals cannot speak for themselves. As their caregivers and the ones who know them best, I believe it is our responsibility to be there to speak for them. To me it is no different than taking a child to the doctor. There is no way in this world that you would leave your child in the exam room without an adult there as their advocate.
I have seen some disturbing things in the back of a vets hospital. Most are good, but until I know all the vets and staff working with my animals I prefer not to leave my animals alone with strangers.

06-24-08, 09:00 pm
We do this at the office I work at. Most of the time unless it is an urgent case, the animals are not seen until just before or after lunch. When the rush of the clients waiting with the animals pass. They are kind of on the back burner. If it's nothing but simple routine visits, I would say it is fine. The animals are not left in carriers and are given food and water while waiting unless instructed otherwise by the owners. Any concerns are taken from the owner and the Vet will inspect over them and if there is anything to discuss afterwords, the Vet always takes the pets out themselves. If there is nothing important, the assistants will take the pets out and give any instructions per the vet.

If it is something that is a major concern, or anything other than routine visits, I personally would not recommend it.